Do I need the Peyronie's Disease Handbook if the only treatment method left to try is the penis stretching?

Hi there, so i came across your site a while back and have been reading into it

I appreciate the work that has been put into the project as a whole but im sure there is a lot of skepticism out there still.
My question to you is regarding options.

If i may say so, i already take vitamin E, acetyl-L-carnitine, glucosamine, fish oils, and other supplements for my body building.
I saw that you sell a book “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” and then have “Manual Penis Stretching Method” CD

My PD developed about 5 years ago but is only gradual but enough to cause discomfort !

do i need the handbook if the only treatment method left to try is the stretching?

some clarification would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


Greetings Colin,

Your basic question, as shown in the title, indicates you do not understand what the PDI protocol is about. You are not remotely correct that the only other method left to try is the PDI gentle manual penis stretching technique. It seems to me you are seeing only a part of the process, but assume you see the whole.

As a body builder I am sure you are keenly aware that technique is of utmost importance. Your question would be similar if I asked you, “I already do a lot of heavy lifting. I work delivering refrigerators all day long, so I think I am doing all that I should for a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do you think I really need to lift weights the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger did to get the kind of body he had? Why I can't I just do it my way, and not do all the other stuff? By the way, I will judge your ideas and methods based on the results I get, but I will not follow your methods.”

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While you may have been reading the PDI site for some time, it seems that you may have missed a key point related to how this process works to assist the recovery from Peyronie's disease. It is not enough to “take” some of the various nutritional supplements, but they must be taken in the correct dosage and combination while assessing for changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your PD plaque fibrous material. If the dosage you are following is not causing the desired changes, then you must increase the intake until you notice reduction of the plaque beginning to occur. Popping a few pills is not what this natural Peyronies treatment process is about.

Further, we do not advocate using only internal therapies, meaning supplements taken orally intended for internal systemic distribution as the sole method of treatment for Peyronie's disease. Diverse external therapies, of which manual penis stretching is only a small part, are also needed to support recovery from PD. There is far more to the PDI treatment protocol than the use of the stretching method that was developed by PDI.

I think the reason you need this clarification is that you have not looked around the site sufficiently or considered all the information it has to offer. TRH