Would my doctor recommend your treatment for Peyronie’s disease?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

I've been all over your web site and read all the amazing testimonials. I'm 54 and I've been suffering with Peyronie's disease for years. I have not been regularly intimate with my wife for years now, and she recently told me intercourse was too frustrating for her due to the challenges we deal with due to my condition. That was hurtful, as if I haven't already lost all self confidence. Anyway, you may have heard of my doctor, Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh.

I have already been through three rounds of penis injections with little or no results. Dr.Shabsigh has told me to consider surgery.  I need to do something as I can't continue to live this way, and my marriage is just about shot.

Dr. Shabsigh is considered to be knowledgeable in the area of PD & ED.  Do you know him?  Would he recommend I try your treatments? I really need help. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks very much,


Greetings Tom,

No, I have never heard of your doctor.  I have no idea what he would think of using Alternative Medicine.  However, if it is his idea to think that sticking multiple injections into a penis that already has Peyronie's disease is a good way to treat this problem, then he is likely to follow the standard medical line of thought about treatment.  

If you want to really get some help beyond the standard medical concept of risking additional scar formation after surgery on a penis that has already demonstrated the tendency to create excessive scar formation , then I suggest you spend some time reading the PDI website.    The PDI website is full of useful information if you take the time to read it.  When you have a specific question about Peyronie's disease treatment please  let me know.  TRH


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