Does this Peyronie’s treatment really work?

Dr. Herazy, I am 43 years old with this condition. It sucks my erections are not as good as they used to be. I have also lost some of my length and width. The curve is upward,it has been 3 years now and I need some aggressive treatment that WORKS…REALLY WORKS….BOTTOM LINE DOES YOUR TREATMENT THERAPY WORK… AND CAN IT REALLY HELP ME. I am taking Peyreton at the moment and really questioning the herb. I do not feel its doing anything. If you can help please respond.


If you think about your basic Peyronies treatment question and what you are asking of me, I cannot respond either way.  No one can know ahead of time if any valid treatment will help any health condition.   You are asking for a guarantee, and I cannot do that for you; no one can do that for anything in life.

No doctor can say that any blood pressure medicine will work, no surgeon can guarantee results, and you will note that not even the makers of aspirin can guarantee results.  Your request shows me you do not understand the Peyronie’s treatment concept that is taught on this website. 

What I can tell you is that I receive anywhere from 10-12 emails and phone calls telling me of positive results and good success reducing the size, shape, density or surface features of the PD scar and subsequent improvement of penile curvature for every one email or phone call saying there is no progress under the PDI treatment. 

I can also tell you that the way you ask your question, “…can it really help me” is asked as though you want me to take the responsibility for your recovery and you are somehow not involved.  That is not the way this treatment works.  With the Peyronie’s treatment concept you find on this website I offer ideas and suggestions to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie scar, and you do the work.  You must take responsibility to learn, to understand and to apply these concepts to increase your ability to heal the PD scar; it works well for a high percent who work aggressively and diligently.  I have no way of knowing how you will apply what I teach, so I cannot guarantee any results for you.  

You bought your Peyreton because of the wild promises you read in their ad.  Not only did they guarantee you results from one or two bottles of their product, they made it sound as though the treatment is as easy as popping a few magical herbs and if it did not work they said you would get your money refunded to you.  Good luck with that one.  Over the years I have tried to communicate with the makers of Peyreton and I have yet to receive a single response from them.  I have offered to sell their product on my website if it is as good as they say, and they ignore my requests for information about their product and their company.  Many dozens of men have communicated with me over the years who say they got no help from Peyreton and were cheated on the promise of a refund from this company.  You should have known better.  I cannot make any promise to you because recovery from Peyronie’s disease is never easy, it is never as rapid as anyone wants, and not everyone does it the right way.  You seem to want things easy and fast and guaranteed, and I cannot do that for you.  Your request for a guarantee suggests you do not understand the treatment concept that is taught on this website. 

if you want help getting over your PD I suggest that you spend some time reading about how this works for a lot of men.   If you really want to recover you will do this and you will contact me if you have questions.  Here is a good page to get started.  Just read the entire first page to get a better idea of how this Peyronie’s treatment really works; you might even click on a few links that interest you. You will find that I will do all that I can to help you do the work of recovering from PD to the best of your ability.   TRH


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