Which enzyme preparation is most effective for Peyronie's disease treatment?

What enzyme preparation do you feel is the most effective, and has the highest quality control in its manufacture, Neprinol, Fibrozym or Nattokinase?

What is the reason you don't recommend Serracor or Serra RX?


Effectiveness of Neprinol, Fibrozym or Nattokinase is never evaluated in a vacuum. Since I have never used them alone or recommended any of the PDI therapies to be used as a solo treatment, I cannot speculate in that way for you. Each product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to prove each is effective in its ability to degrade and catabolyze fibrous protein molecules, so we know each is effective in that regard. The question you are asking has never been investigated because it is contradictory to the way these products are used and the philosophy of synergistic Peyronies treatment I promote on the PDI website.

The quality control issue is equal for the manufacturers of Neprinol, Fibrozym and Nattokinase since each fulfills the government standards for laboratory testing and manufacturing practices.

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I do not recommend Serracor or Serra RX because I was around before these products existed and I know some of the nasty history behind them, and the lawsuits that did not go in favor of the manufacturer of Serracor and Serra RX. Given that, I think it is more prudent to stay with an older, larger and more stable company. TRH