Genesen Acutouch Therapy

Genesen Acutouch pointers – professional office equipment for at-home use

Acupuncture is one small part of a 5,000 year-old oriental healing tradition.  It is performed by inserting fine needles into the skin to stimulate or sedate specific treatment points on the surface of the body.  Two main reasons people today who would like to try acupuncture do not do it: the cost and the needles. The availability of the remarkable non-needle Genesen Acutouch professional grade acupuncture equipment has changed all that.

Genesen Acutouch pointers – Acupuncture without needles

The Genesen Acutouch instruments are sometimes called Acutouch pointers or Genesen pointers because of the way that they are used during treatment; they are simply pointed toward an area on the surface of the body. To receive the benefit of acupuncture treatment it is no longer necessary to be concerned about pain, bleeding or fear of needles.   Just point the tips of the Genesen touch pointer and let them do all the work.

The Acutouch pointers are ideal for both the professional acupuncturist and the layperson for three reasons:

  1. Acutouch Pointers are totally safe because they do not penetrate the skin and bleeding cannot occur.  The instrument uses only natural atmospheric infrared, magnetic and ionic energy.  It provides a simple, non-invasive, self-administered treatment that is totally unique in both traditional and Alternative Medicine because it uses no artificial or external power source, with no wires and no batteries to replace – it is totally mobile.
  2. This instrument produces a wide treatment area.  The tissue area that is affected by the galvanic energy field of the Acutouch pointers is huge compared to an acupuncture needle.   The treatment area of an acupuncture needle is about the width of a human hair; the treatment area of the Genesen Acutouch Pointer tip is one inch or 25 mm.  For this reason a person only needs to be roughly close to an acupuncture point for the Genesen device to be effective.  Experts and novices get similar results using it for this reason. This instrument has such a wide area of impact or effectiveness, and it tells you when you are on the correct treatment area, that you cannot make a mistake with it.
  3. Your Genesen pointers will last a lifetime because it has no moving parts, it will never wear out, and it has no external power source.  This is certainly space age technology you can hold in your hands today.  It operates on an infinite supply of natural atmospheric energy, providing the home user with a compact, portable and convenient response to more than 220 ailments, injuries and conditions.
  4. Effectiveness of point stimulation.  The Genesen Acutouch instrument is manufactured to ISO9002 standards; the product carries CE certification as a Class 1 medical device. It causes penetration of chi to pass down through the gold tips (coated in 20 microns of 24K gold for optimum hygiene, performance and response) into the body to a depth of 25mm (1 inch).

Most people do not realize there are many methods to effectively stimulate acupuncture points; pressure, heat and electricity are just a few different ways that are commonly used instead of needle stimulation.   With the recent development of the Genesen Acutouch pointers everyone can safely and easily stimulate various acupuncture points on the body, and do it with just as much accuracy as a highly skilled acupuncturist.

By following the simple instructions that come with this equipment it is now possible for a layperson with no formal training to perform a rather sophisticated acupuncture treatment without encountering any of the problems and limitations of traditional needles.  The Genesen pens (they are often called this because each one looks very much like a ballpoint pen) will indicate to the user when an active acupuncture point has been located and if it is in need of treatment. It is this aspect of the Acutouch pointers that make them so easy to use and effective even in the hands of a total novice.

Acutouch pointers for at-home use

There are several great reasons anyone who is interested in Alternative Medicine would use Genesen Acutouch at-home therapy in place of traditional needle acupuncture.

  • Safety – no needles involved
  • Results – the three forms of naturally occurring energy focused by the Genesen pointers spread out an inch wide and penetrate an inch deep into the tissue to stimulate every acupuncture point for treatment
  • Cost – with professional acupuncture office visits costing anywhere from $75 to $200 each, the Genesen instruments will pay for themselves after just a few uses.
  • Convenience – treat yourself or family members in the privacy and comfort of your home at any time of the day or night, as often as you like
  • Ease – simply look at the pictures in the 160 page instruction book and place the pointers on those same areas of the body. The Genesen Acutouch pointers will tell you if you are on the correct or not; if not, simply move to another spot until the pointers indicate you have located the correct area for treatment.

The Genesen Acutouch instrument was invented by a South Korean engineer, Chi Kyung Kim, in 1999.  It carries several international patents and earned him awards from the governments of several countries.  The Acutouch pointers use a combination of 1200-G focused magnets; a pinpoint far infrared beam (between 6 and 14 micrometers) that is focused down the length of a hexagonal barrel of the device; and a negative ion emitter in a ceramic powder chamber.  These three energy sources are tuned to precisely merge at a gold plated point of the Acutouch device. The gold pointers of the device direct this composite of natural energy into the body, stimulating the body’s inherent ability to regulate and heal itself.

Acupuncture is not one thing. There are many styles of acupuncture and many ways of stimulating acupuncture points. Some of the best acupuncture treatments are those provided using innovation and the ability to respond to the needs of the individual.  The Genesen pointers allow you to do just that kind of self-care treatment.  You can hold in your hands a truly revolutionary treatment device like the Genesen Acutouch pointers even as a layperson and deliver to those you love an effective acupuncture treatment, without the costs, problems and limitations of traditional needles.


One thought on “Genesen Acutouch Therapy

  1. Dr.Herazy says:

    Greetings Amy,

    Too bad your practitioner did not explain this to you; it would have made your use of the Genesen loaner set more useful and helpful to you.

    All Genesen Acutouch pens that are sold by PDI have 12 pages of instructions how to use them to treat Peyronie’s disease, in particular, so there is no question how to go about using them for PD. These notes were written by me. They are rather detailed to the point that we only rarely have anyone ask a single question about Peyronie’s disease treatment with Genesen pens after reading these notes. In addition, the Genesen pens come with a 260 page well-written book that explains how to use them for about 100 common health problems.

    To answer your question, I will quote from the Genesen Acutouch notes for Peyronie’s disease that come with each set:

    “Different people and different conditions respond to Genesen Acutouch therapy in different ways. Once the Acutouch pointers have been applied to an identified treatment point you will probably feel a distinct and interesting sensation within 15 to 30 seconds, although in some cases it can take 90 seconds or more to develop.

    The sensation can feel like a light buzzing sensation under the skin, or a tingling, or fullness or pressure, or warmth can also occur, as well as a variable fading or increasing of a pin-like sensation under the point of the Genesen instrument. It is caused by a galvanic current created by energy movement from the blue Pointer to the red Pointer. As an extreme response, it can happen that a person might feel a very strong and deep penetration sensation in spite of a light and limited touch with the point of the instrument. It really can be a very interesting and unusual experience that must be felt to be believed. If there is no sensation at all at a particular point, other than the feeling of the sharp point of the device resting on the skin, it can be explained by a number of reasons:
    1. You are not close enough to the actual treatment point
    2. You are may have taken some pain-killing or anti-inflammatory medication within the last few days to have altered the response of your nerve system
    3. The nerves in that area might be damaged
    4. There is no interference or imbalance of energy in that area; there is no problem in the area you have applied the Acutouch Pointers to initiate a response
    5. You have very dry skin or you are lacking minerals in your tissue to conduct the galvanic current generated by the Acutouch Pointers.

    Do not press the Acutouch Pointers into the skin to attempt to create a reaction response. The response is not caused by pressure, but by galvanic energy stimulation produced by the Pointers. The simple weight of the devices on the skin is sufficient; pressure is not needed nor does it increase the benefit of treatment. It is best to prop your hand or the fingers you use to hold the Pointers against another part of your body while you are treating yourself, to easily maintain and control Pointer contact on the skin.

    If there is no reaction or response noted after 90 seconds, simply move the Acutouch Pointer within that same area to a slightly different location, maybe just a fraction of an inch away. Keep moving the Pointers around until you locate a site that causes a reaction or response like those described above. Sometimes a 1/32 inch or 1mm movement of the pen tip in a particular direction is all that is needed to go from no sensation to a strong sensation.”

    No matter what condition you are treating, the reaction of the body to the application of the Genesen pens is the same; when a pair of points are contacted with he pens the individual will feel a very unique sensation at or near the point of pen contact. The points should be held or maintained for as long as the sensation continues. There are many more notes and ideas regarding Genesen pen use for Peyronie’s disease that come with each set, but this information should get you started in the right direction. TRH

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