Geting help for Peyronie’s disease and mild penis curvature in South Africa

Hi Dr Herazy,

We live in South Africa and my hubby has Peyronies. It is all very new to us and would like to know if there is a treatment or any equivalent medications here in South Africa. At the moment he is taking 1000mg of Vitamin E as prescribed from the urologist. His penis curvature is not all that bad and he has some exercises that he does.

Many thanks.



Greetings Belinda,

PDI ships to South Africa several often, because I am not aware of anything available in your country like what is offered here.

Taking vitamin E by itself is seldom effect; it has to be combined with a broad supply of other nutrients and enzymes to really do any good.

Please make sure he stays as diligent with his treatment as possible even though his curvature is not currently presenting a problem since it is common for even mild cases of Peyronie's disease that are a few years to suddenly worsen for little apparent reason.  

Good luck to you both.  TRH


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