What is a good vitamin E for Peyronie’s treatment?

I was diagnosed with Peyronie's several years ago and my doc told me to take Vitamin E. In a few weeks, the symptoms cleared up. My problem is that I've developed PD again, have seen another urologist who also suggested Vitamin E. The PD seems much worse this time around. My question..if I choose to simply take Vitamin E, can you recommend the exact(and very best) brand, dosage, etc. I'm still sexually active, but it is affecting my sex life and is very stressful. Any help you might offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have read/researched at great lengths on your site and may return if you cannot offer a possible solution based upon the info I've provided. Thank you very much, Bobby

Greetings Bobby,

Sorry to hear of your Peyronie's problem.

Vitamin E is one of the cornerstone Alternative Medicine therapies recommended by PDI.  You can read about using vitamin E for Peyronie's treatment on the PDI website.  However, it is not all that is usually needed to recover from this problem.  So often it is required that a man assemble a group of therapies to take all at the same time to finally increase the immune response of the body against this problem.

PDI has a shopping cart from which you can order a great vitamin E product that we have used for over ten years.   Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about helping yourself with natural therapy.   TRH 


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