Guide for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

How to know if your Peyronie’s treatment is working

For those who do not have the book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook,” this post will be an introduction to the idea that to seriously provide Peyronie’s disease treatment it is absolutely critical for you to master of the physical condition of your Peyronie’s plaque.  This handbook book presents in detail the necessary steps required to fully understand and accurately report all possible physical qualities and aspects of your Peyronie’s plaque or scar.

To use Alternative Medicine well to treat Peyronie’s disease it is necessary that you can accurately describe the current condition of your problem. It is not good enough that you know you have a scar somewhere down there, or that it is a “nodule” or “lump” or “band”, or that your shaft is “curves upward.”   All of these are general and meaningless terms.  They do not clearly and accurately say anything about the specifics of your current state.   Worse yet, these terms are not objective or real enough to compare the condition of your scar from one time to another.

If you think about your Peyronie’s disease problem in these vague terms you would not know enough about your problem – now or in the future – to determine if your Peyronies is getting better or worse.  Saying that your scar is “hard” or “soft” is like saying the weather today is “hot” or “cold.”  These terms are very general and subjective, and mean very little.   This means if someone said it was “cold on Christmas day,”  in middle of summer it would not help him to know exactly how cold it was – he could not “remember” how cold that day was six months later.

Specific Peyronie’s treatment information

If you were looking for a new job and you were told you would be paid “money,” you would not be satisfied with that information.  You would want to know how much money per hour, your total per week, how often you would be paid, what other direct and indirect benefits were included, and your vacation schedule.  You would want details at the beginning of your employment so you would know later if you were being paid correctly on pay day.  You would need details at the beginning to determine later if things were going correctly or not. The same with Peyronie’s treatment.

The other day I had a long discussion with someone who just finished reading my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”  I asked about his scars.  He said the largest one was “3/4 of an inch and rather square-ish with somewhat sharp, not rounded, edges, rather flat, generally firm but with a little ‘give’ like the seat cushion of his car, and rough and bumpy like the backside of a carpet.”  The other he said was a scar that was the size, shape, hardness and smoothness of a “grain of un-popped pop corn.”

I was very impressed!  Not only did I fully understand the physical nature of those two scars, but I knew he knew for his future reference how to evaluate his scar as his therapy progressed.  As he continues to make improvement he will be totally confident to identify all progress and changes he makes – or doesn’t make.  He is on top of his problem and he will do a better job and make more progress than the man whose only recollection is that his scar is, “I don’t know, I guess it is just some kind of bump.”

Two months later he would be able to think back to the feeling of a grain of unpopped popcorn and know exactly what his small scar was like.  If later by comparison the ¾ inch square of bumpy cardboard felt like a ¼ by ½ inch strand of overcooked pasta with a loose and rough surface like a pair of woolen socks, he would know for sure he was making progress.  He would know for sure how to manage his dosage and his selection of therapies based on his confidence in the progress he was making.

You cannot possibly remember what “hard” or “soft” felt like one month earlier.  Without vivid, exact and personal references that do not change over time you will not have to guess about your progress or lack of progress.  Saying your scar is a “bump” or that it is ‘hard” is almost useless.  Each description must be loaded with personal meaning that you can accurately refer to later so you will have no doubt if you are making progress or not.

Peyronie’s Disease Handbook

If you follow these instructions from the handbook you will be more knowledgeable about your problem than a medical doctor about the condition of any one patient’s problem.  I guarantee it.  With that knowledge you will be able to direct and control your therapy better than ever before.

The goal is to be a master of what is going on with your Peyronie’s disease treatment on a day to day basis, and to use that knowledge in such a way as to guide your diet and your Alternative Medicine therapy to your fullest success possible.

Good luck to you, even though after all, it is not really about luck, it is about hard work and knowledge!


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