Have you heard of Peyronie’s disease returning after reinjury during sex?

Hi Dr. Herazy –

My name is Chad, and I’ve had Peyronies about 4 years. I purchased some of your products to treat Peyronies about 3 years ago. I used them and saw great improvement (I only had a slight curve). Each year I seemed to be getting better until suddenly, about 2 weeks ago, I’ve started having much more difficulty getting and maintaining erections. Also, I’ve had some odd sensations throughout the day, and I seem to have a bit more of a curve. I’m feeling nervous that I may have agitated or reinjured it. Have you heard of this happening before?




Greetings Chad,

Yes, it is possible to re-injure  yourself again; if you did it once, you can do it twice. 

I suggest that you begin treatment again because the odd sensations you mention and return of penile curvature could be due to aggravation due to a intercourse-related injury.  It might also be wise for you to consider using some type of penile prosthesis or support that can work to provide an added level of protection during the rigors of intercourse.  bear in mind that none of these devices is foolproof and re-injury while using one of the penis supports we offer at the PDI store  is still possible.   It is always necessary to use common sense and good judgement in regard to how you conduct yourself during intercourse.

It might also be a good idea to get “Peyronie’s Disease and Sex” that will provide considerable information about how to avoid doing this again.  

Please let me know if you need some assistance in getting started this second time around.  TRH


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