Too late for help after Peyronie’s surgery?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

My husband developed Peyronie's disease almost seven years ago after an injury while making love. His urologist first did a series of injections with verapamil. When that did not help he talked us into surgery by saying that it was the only way to straighten his 90 degree curvature. The surgery went very badly and now his curvature is worse and he has no feeling in his penis. He has become withdrawn and is very angry with himself and takes it out on me. i am so glad to have finally found your non-drug website and only wish we had found it sooner before the surgery. Do you think it is too late for my husband to get help from your alternative medicine treatment ideas?

Thank you.

Marge V.


Greetings Marge,

Sorry to hear of your husband's bad reaction to surgery. 

There is no way I can answer your question directly, since there are far too many unknowns and variables.  However, I can tell you that many men who have had bad Peyronie's surgery results have seen a reduction of scar tissue after following a PDI treatment plan; some of these changes were very small and some were remarkably great.  The work is always long and difficult because of the complications of additional scar tissue, but always worthwhile for any reduction of numbness and reduction of other problems such as curvature and pain that can occur.  There is no way to tell ahead of time if your husband is capable of any change in his scar tissue, but if some can be made it could result in some degree of improvement of his current sad situation. 

I suggest that you get both of my books and that you and your husband read them, especially "Peyronie's Disease & Sex." 

Go slowly with your husband and do not push him too much to follow any of these ideas,  He is angry and scared about injuring himself more with any kind of additional treatment, and most of all he is embarrassed.  Give him some room to warm up to the ideas of safe Alternative Medicine care.  If he has any questions or hesitation please encourage him to email me directly.  I will try to help him as much as I can.    TRH

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