Honey Of an Idea for Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment

Honey and Peyronie's Natural Treatment

Peyronie's disease treatment must be profitable for the drug industry, even if honey could help a bent or curved penis it would still have to make money to justify Peyronie's research This is one of those “I’ve got bad news and good news” stories. Here is the bad news: Peyronie’s disease  usually is given a bleak outlook based on current medical thinking. There is no strong research that currently proves any treatment method consistently or significantly improves the course of PD. Yes, PDI agrees with the medical establishment, there is currently no proven medical cure for PD; but that says notice about Peyronie's disease natural treatment using a variety of non-drug and non-invasive ways to assist you to heal your own Peyronie's problem. Here is the good news: We think the lack of a known or accepted medical “cure” shouldn't discourage the man with Peyronie’s disease at this time, since there are so many safe and non-controversial natural and alternative therapies that have earned good — but non-conclusive — reports in research from around the world. As you know from reading reports about various therapies, there are many encouraging therapies from which to choose. There is potentially very much that can be done for PD outside of standard medical treatment, with encouraging science to back it up. Scientific research is slow and deliberate; it is often contradictory, and it is sometimes – often – driven by the profit motive. Some Peyronie’s disease research shows favorable and positive results with vitamin E, or MSM, or Neprinol, or carnitine, or Nattokinase, etc., while other research of these same substances indicates just as unfavorable and negative results as the others are positive. Some research shows that only such a small percentage of men with PD are helped by conservative management that the results are not scientifically significant, or the results are inconclusive, or they are contradicted by other equally valid research. In other words, Peyronie’s disease research is often contradictory, vague and undependable. Many treatment methods are never studied because there is not enough potential profit to justify the high cost of such research. Just as a wild example, what if honey was actually an effective treatment for PD? Yep, all you had to do was eat some honey or smear it on you, and a short while later your PD would be gone. What would be the motive for a large drug company to do the necessary and vital research proving that honey was a good treatment of Peyronie's disease?   None.   If honey was a proven cure for PD only some beekeepers – and you – would benefit. Without profit, research usually doesn’t happen.

Understand why Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie's disease is not accepted by traditional medical practice, click  Science is Slow.

Profit and Peyronie’s disease treatment

If honey was the cure for Peyronie's disease, the research would never get done, and scientists would be correct to say there is “no research available to prove its      effectiveness.” Of course that lack of proof would be by their design. That is the dilemma of alternative medicine, and it is the basis for the indifference and lack of enthusiasm for Peyronie's disease treatment. PDI thinks there have been enough favorable findings for many therapies – fully acknowledging research and studies that contradict and refute them – that a person should investigate these inexpensive and naturally occurring therapies to learn their therapeutic benefit firsthand. Please note that for all of the therapies (vitamin E, DMSO, carnitine, Neprinol, copper, etc.) that are sometimes given negative results, there are other favorable and positive studies of these same therapies that contradict the negative studies. The therapies that PDI suggests are scientifically grounded, safe, economical and adequately proven to a degree necessary to justify their cautious and limited use in treating PD.

So don’t be too bothered by a current lack of proof for theses Peyronie's treatments. Peyronie’s Disease Institute thinks it has  “A Honey of an Idea “ for you.


2 thoughts on “Honey Of an Idea for Peyronie’s Disease Natural Treatment

  1. Vincent says:

    if this natural peyronies treatment is successful after 3 months or so, is it necessary to continue this treatment or use it again only when necessary?

  2. Theodore Herazy says:

    Greetings Vincent,

    No, it is not necessary to continue the PDI treatment after you have your maximum benefit and improvement. After operating this PDI website since 2002, I have never had anyone tell me they had to start treatment over again because they lost the improvement they made; apparently, it is durable and permanent improvement once it is made.

    Most men will continue their treatment for a few months and then slowly taper off treatment until they stop all Peyronie’s disease treatment. Some men choose to use that small part of the treatment they feel is most important to them. It all depends on how you feel about it. TRH

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