How do you treat a penis "waist" or hourglass deformity?

Dr. Herazy,

Are you familiar with what Urologists call a “waste” in the penis? If so, how do go about treating it?


I believe you are mistaken. There is no urological term “waste” that refers to the penis. I am not aware of any; all medical text I reviewed did not contain that term; a Google search of the Internet for variations of “penis waste” did not bring up anything.

You are probably referring to a “waist” formation around the penile shaft that is just another way of describing an hourglass deformity. This penis “waist” occurs in Peyronie's disease as an indentation around part or all of the circumference of the shaft that resembles a narrow waist formation.

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Like any other penile deformity, an hourglass formation is treated by attempting to eliminate the cause of it – the Peyronie's plaque. The hourglass form is created when the plaque either pulls from inside the shaft causing a depression on the surface, or if it keeps the local veins of the area open and thus prevents blood from being trapped in the penis and the local area does not fill with blood. Treatment is to eliminate the plaque as described in the PDI website. TRH