How does jelqing work on Peyronies disease plaque?

How does jelqing exercise work on peyronies disease plaque?  Does this exercise soften the plaque or harden it?


Jelqing can injure the penis because it is not so much an exercise, but a series of aggressive penis stretching and maneuvers that force blood under great pressure into penile tissue.  It cannot soften the Peyronies disease plaque, but can easily cause more plaque to develop because the tremendous squeezing and stretching force that are required in jelqing will literally tear the internal tissue of the penis like the delicate tunica albuginea.  This repeated and forceful stretching of tissue by jelqing goes beyond the normal tissue limit and causes the delicate tissues to become damaged far more than it causes it to actually stretch.

Overall, jelqing is a bad idea because it is dangerous.   The trauma to the delicate tunica of the penis caused by jelqing is probably enough in some men to start the injury that results in the excessive scarring that is known as Peyronie's disease.  Over the years I have spoken to many men who are convinced their Peyronie's disease started after just one session of jelqing.

One of the most common reasons that men say they do jelqing when they have Peyronies disease – besides their effort to enlarge the penis – is to increase the blood circulation.   Do you jelq your hands if they are cold, trying to make more blood to enter?  Do you jelq your arms too?  How about jelqing your feet when they do not have enough blood.  No, no one does that.   The body does not need to be jelqed to increase circulation.  Before touching your penis to jelq it, is it cold, is it blue?  No.   Then the circulation going into the penis is not the problem in Peyronies disease.   The problem is that the blood is not being trapped by the corporal veins to create the greater fluid pressure that results in an erection.  The problem of a weak erection in Peyronie's disease is caused by veins that do not trap blood and this happens because of the presence of the Peyronies plaque.   That is where you need to concentrate your effort.   You need to improve the ability of your veins to close by eliminating the PD scar or plaque.   Jelqing does not do this – and probably injures that ability since you are using such great forces that the valves can be damaged.  Proceed at your own risk.


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