How is your gentle manual penis stretching method used for Peyronie’s treatment?

If I am successful in dissolving or removing my plaque, does the penis straighten out on its own?. Do you recommend gentle traction at this point to assist with the straightening since the plaque would be gone?


Great question.  Thank you.

The only reason your penis is now curved since you developed the  bent penis of Peyronies disease is because there is an internal mass of dense fibrous "scar like" tissue, or Peyronie's plaque,  within the tunica albuginea of the shaft.  This plaque interferes  with the normal filling and expansion of the shaft during an erection.  If you did not have the plaque, you would not have the curved penis.   If your Peyronie's plaque is eliminated by your therapeutic efforts there will be no reason for your penis to be curved.  

The gentle traction technique that was developed during a one year research project through PDI was never intended to be a solo therapy. It was not tested as a solo therapy, only as an adjunct to existing therapy that was not advancing very well.  It made a great difference to those cases who were not responding well.   This gentle stretching protocol is not done after the plaque is removed; it is done while there is still plaque present in the shaft.  The intent of the gentle stretching is to stimulate the degradation or undermining of the Peyronie's plaque so that it is reabsorbed and removed more rapidly better while under the influence of all the other Alternative Medicine therapy you should  also be using.   

You really need to read more about the technique to understand it better.  Go to  PEYRONIE’S  DISEASE  INSTITUTE – MANUAL PENIS STRETCHING METHOD CD©      Be sure to watch the video that demonstrates the actual method.    TRH


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