How long until I see any improvement with my Peyronies problem?

I'm 18 years old and I have PD. I think I had it for 2-3 years, really not sure. It curves up from my pelvic bone to the middle and curves down from the middle to tip. So it kind of looks like an arch or rainbow. It also looks really dark, I'm white Italian and it shouldn't be really dark like that.

I really don't want to go to the doctors, I asked to go to the urologist but kept getting questioned why. I came to the conclusion that I'm probably not going to go so I want to help myself.  I want to buy "Vitamin E: Unique-Oil – 1 oz pump bottle", "DMSO – PMD DMSO Gel", and "Super CP Serum".  I been using vitamin e capsule gels and using the gel inside as a moisturizer with baby oil for the past few days.

I want to know how to use the vitamin e properly for your mixture. Do I mix them all together and put it on? Do I use them one at a time? Do I have to be flaccid? Do I use after shower I get out of shower and leave on overnight? Also, how do you rub it in and for how long? Will the box definitely be "Discreet Shipping" even if I don't buy a plan and just those 3 bottles?

I live with my parents and my brothers, sister and my friends are constantly over so I don't want anyone to see the box if I don't get it first. I can just tell my mom the stuff is for my scar and my face because I used to use the capsule gels for that.

Also, how long do you think until it fixes it and how long until I see any improvement? I want to get with a girl and embarrassed to get close to her because of it.

Thank you


Greetings young man,

You need to get over your embarrassment and seek out a medical opinion and have your condition formally diagnosed. 

Why are you mixing vitamin E with baby oil?   Please use the products as instructed when you receive your order from PDI; all products come with complete and correct instructions for use to treat Peyronie's disease. 

Using only DMSO, vitamin E oil (Unique E) and copper peptides  (Super CP Serum) is a very limited and lopsided approach to good Alternative Medicine treatment; good treatment usually demands both internal (PABA, vitamin C and E, systemic enzymes), as well as external therapies.

Yes, all products received from PDI come discreetly boxed, with no outside identification that would embarrass you.  However, inside the box we freely identify and discuss Peyronies disease.

There is no way ahead of time to tell you how long it will take to recover from your PD, or even if you will do so.  It is a very difficult problem to remedy. Get your parents involved in your treatment so you are not doing this alone and you are able to mount the kind of aggressive treatment that is usually most effective. TRH 


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