How long do we stay on the plan after the Peyronies scar or plaque is reduced?

My husband just got diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease. He has no pain, we have a healthy sex life and have

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found other ways to deal with the curve, but he would like to reduce the curve and stop the plaque in it's
tracks. He does take other supplements. I have ordered the Medium Plan, should we stop all of his other
supplements while he is taking your plan. And have there been any side effects with you supplements.
He takes Lipitor for cholesterol, will this effect anything. Please let us know. We are anxious to begin and
want to know if he gets results, how long do we stay on the plan, after the plaque is reduced.
I will await your reply.

Thank you so much

Greetings Marija,

It is good for a man to have a dedicated and loving woman to support him during this difficult time when he is treating himself for reduction of the Peyronie's scar or plaque.  You really should spend a little time reading some of the questions and answers in this area of the PDI site to learn how to go about treatment.  The more you know the better his results will become.

If he wishes to take the other supplements while he is following his PD treatment plan, I see no reason to discontinue using them.

The only side effect is occasional diarrhea that affects a small percent of men due to the detoxification effects of the systemic enzymes.  You have already received instructions how to handle this small problem if it arises. 

Lipitor is a member of the statin group of drugs that have been implicated in causing Peyronie's disease.  The official verdict has not been reached as of this time, but there is growing evidence that all of the statin drugs have the potential to start Peyronie's disease.  To learn more about this, please read My husband has a curved penis, is this normal?   I suggest that you read about his subject to educate yourself, as well as discuss this with the doctor who prescribed Lipitor for your husband.    You might want to discuss the possibility of getting off him Lipitor while you attempt to control his cholesterol in more conservative ways so as to avoid aggravating his Peyronie's disease.

I usually suggest that once the plaque or scar is gone to stay on the plan for at least six months to assure no return of the scar material.  TRH