How to Increase Peyronie’s Natural Recovery

Peyronie’s natural treatment is not like using drugs

“What is the very best way to treat my Peyronie’s disease?”  That is the million-dollar question, my friend.

When I developed Peyronie’s disease in 2002, my basic strategy for recovery was this:   50% of men get over their Peyronie’s disease without any outside help – in effect they experience a Peyronie’s disease natural cure.  If this is true – and it is – then it seems most logical to do everything possible to increase my ability to heal my problem like the men in that lucky 50% group.

Even from the start I felt like my Peyronie's disease it was a problem I could beat since the odds for recovery are good at 50/50.  All I had to do was consistently support and promote my natural ability to heal in this particular area of the body over a period of time, knowing that this would increase the capability of my body to heal itself.   I believed then – and know now – that Peyronie’s natural treatment is often just a matter of time and persistence.

I studied the problem of Peyronie’s disease diligently, I worked even harder, I was always faithful to my plan, and I used myself as a guinea pig for every idea that seemed to have merit.  In less than six months I was free of all traces of the PD scar, all penile distortion was gone, and all lost dimensions returned.  I succeeded.

How to increase Peyronie’s disease natural healing

Everyone comes to the PDI website expecting to see a clear and direct answer, a logical 1-2-3 set of instructions that explains how I beat my Peyronie’s disease, and how you can do it also.   But, that is not the way it works.  There are no magic 1-2-3 steps to success.  Each case of PD is as different as the man who has the problem.  Therefore, every man must work out his own Peyronie’s treatment plan – using all the information and ideas I can supply to you. The lack of specific treatment rules is what frustrates men with PD – as if they do not have enough to be frustrated about already!  But that is just the way it is.

The entire PDI website (if you printed it out, you would have over 400 pages of information), is devoted to Peyronie’s natural treatment.  Even so, all I can give to you is an outline and the basic ideas of how to increase your ability to heal and repair the Peyronie’s plaque.  The “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook” is essential in your recovery from PD; it explains in great detail how to monitor and define the size, shape, density and surface quality of your scar(s) – the most important skill you can develop to speed your recovery. While I freely offer you whatever guidance and ideas you might need, and answer all your questions based on considerable experience with Peyronie’s disease natural treatment, you are still in charge of the way you treat yourself.   This is the way it must be because you must monitor the size, shape, density and surface qualities of your scar(s) to directly judge how your body is responding to your treatment plan.

I present the basic ideas of Peyronie’s treatment, but you must jump in and do your best to determine which of these ideas works best for you.  This is not an exact science, and these are not drugs used for treatment with exact dosages.

For most men it often comes down to deciding how much time and energy you have available to treat your PD each day, and how much money you can afford to spend each month; this is realistic.  You might want to do much more for yourself, but can only afford a little. Do your best – whatever that is. Men who get the best results are those who do the most to increase their ability to heal.  Do as much as you can to get this problem behind you.  Many do very well with the Medium Plan, or some variation of it.  Maybe that will be a good way to start your recovery from PD.

I get reports of success and progress weekly from men who use this approach for Peyronie’s natural treatment.  You will only know if it can help you if you give yourself a chance. I will help you in any way I can to be successful.


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