How to know which plan to use for Peyronie’s treatment?

How to know which plan is suitable for mein medication section?  My condition is similar to bent on the left and hour glass constriction at the base.  I am 40 years old and using size genetics also.


There is no way to know exactly which plan you should use for your Peyronie's disease.   You start with a plan that makes sense to you, that you can find time in your day to put to good use, that you can afford the expenses, and you begin care.  As you use that plan you monitor the size, shape, density and surface features of your scar for changes.  If you notice changes in your scar, you continue that plan you are using.  If you do not notice changes in your scar, you slowly increase your plan until you do begin to notice scar changes.  It is not complicated.  

Many men find that their Peyronie's disease started after using a mechanical penis stretching device.  It is my opinion they are all very dangerous. See  "Penis Extender Claims and Peyronie's Disease."

Please review the PDI website for information about a much safer way to treat your problem.  TRH       


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