What are the ingredients and concentration (%) of the DMSO to treat Peyronie's disease?

Have a few questions about the “PMD DMSO Gel” if you don't mind.

Was curious the ingredients or concentration(%) of the DMSO (dilution)?

I had some irritation before from a 80% DMSO, but I wasn't using it for Peyronie's.



Our PMD DMSO is a special formula that was developed specifically to be used for Peyronie's disease treatment. This formulation was created with the cooperation and help of Stanley Jacobs, MD, who did the original DMSO medical research that made it so popular in the late 1950s.

The PMD DMSO is a 60% DMSO, 10% urea, 10% PABA, 10% MSM, and 10% distilled water combination. Since it contains 60% DMSO it tends to not irritate the tissue and can be used often enough to do some good for treating PD; only rare men have trouble with skin irritation and this is solved by applying it less often. As you have learned, if the concentration is too high it cannot be used at all. It does no one any good to use a 100% concentration of DMSO but then not be able to use it. Our formula allows for repeated applications and this is where the real benefits come into play. Lastly, PMD DMSO is formulated in a gel form for easier and cleaner application since it tends to stay directly where it is applied and does not run down to create a mess.

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It is strongly recommended that before applying PMD DMSO that our Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP Serum (copper peptides) are applied over the area of Peyronie's plaque to increase the therapeutic benefit of using DMSO.

Of course, these three therapy products are topical applications and they should be combined with various internal therapies as described throughout the PDI website. TRH