Am I hurting myself by using a mechanical penis stretcher?

I’ve been using the X4 Labs extender a little over year now.When I use it I do about 2 hours.I’m still not sure if I should be wearing it straight out or tilted right since my curve goes to the left. I admit I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to but that’s mostly due to constantly reading that they do more damage than harm and they actually only swell up the penis because it’s injuring it and the swelling gives the effect of enlargement.

I’m not sure 100% but it seems like since I’ve been using this extender my penis has been twisting or rotating. It use to just curve to the left but now, it seems like it’s starting to point down as well. When flaccid, it’s really noticeable…almost a 90 degree twist where i look down and the right side of my penis is centered.

I recently posted a question on here yesterday about not being able to locate a scar, but it seems the characteristics of one are present…Is it possible the scar is so ‘strong’ that when I use the extender everything around this scar which seems like it would be on the left underside of my penis is growing around it??


Thank you for your insightful and honest look at using a mechanical penis stretcher.  A few times a week I hear from men like you who are having the same and similar problems while using their mechanical penis stretchers.  Many hundred men have told me over the years that their Peyronie’s disease started after using a mechanical penis stretcher – not a very good endorsement for something that is supposed to correct Peyronie’s disease.  I agree that the illusion of greater penis size could be caused by swelling and inflammation to the injury you are causing.

I have bought all of the mechanical penis stretcher products available.   Most have poor instructions for general use.  None provide specific information about using the penis stretcher for PD because they cannot do that legally, because they cannot make the claim because they cannot prove it does what they say it is supposed to do.  Remember that all a penis stretcher is supposed to be is a way to enlarge the penis, and they cannot prove they can do that either.   

There are several articles I have written over the years about this subject:  Penis stretcher:  Big problem as Peyronie’s treatment  and  Penis stretching for Peyronie’s disease treatment.

You ask a specific question about how your penis is responding to your use of your stretcher device.  I cannot answer that question.  I advise that you see a urologist and have him answer that question after examining you.  Before you do that, I suggest that you discontinue all use of your stretcher.   TRH 



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