Any institute located in India that provides treatment of Peyronies disease?

Hello Doctor,

I wish to know that is there any institute located in India which gives treatment for Peyronie.

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Greetings Rajan,

I am not aware of any formal group or effort in India to treat Peyronie's disease

The Peyronie's Disease Institute is the only online effort to educate, treat and research this problem.   You can read and learn about Peyronie's disease treatment online and in the two books I have written and undergo an active self-directed treatment plan based on the information and ideas found on this website.   If you have questions or concerns during the course of your treatment you are able to write me emails so I can share with you my experience and suggestions for help.   Usually men are very pleased and satisfied with this arrangement since they have come to learn that their own effort and interest is far better than what they receive from the average medical institution.  TRH


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