International shipping and import policy

International shipping and Import policy

Orders are lost, damaged and stolen in transit rarely, but when this happens the buyer agrees to not hold PDI or Natural Health Education LLC responsible for damages or replacement of any lost, damaged or stolen purchase items.  If an international shipment from PDI or Natural Health Education LLC is confiscated, seized or destroyed by the custom’s office or postal authority of the buyer’s country of import because of importation laws or customs restrictions, or is lost, misdirected, destroyed or otherwise mismanaged due to postal error, theft or incompetence, the buyer freely agrees a refund will not be made by PDI or Natural Health Education LLC because it is not possible to be aware of the changing import law details and intricacies of every country, or to assume responsibility for an order after it has left the control of the seller.   The buyer agrees it is the responsibility of the buyer to know and understand the import law and custom’s restrictions of his or her particular country, not the seller, and to assess and accept the likelihood or possibility of postal error, theft or incompetence in the buyer’s country.  If there is a possibility that a PDI and Natural Health Education LLC product might not be legally imported into your country, or for the purchase to be lost due to simple error, theft or incompetence please do not place an order with us. 

If an international shipment is returned unopened, undamaged in good resalable condition to PDI and Natural Health Education LLC  by a foreign custom’s office due to their regulatory policy or law, a refund will be made to the buyer minus two fees:

1. Shipping costs paid by PDI and Naztural Health Education LLC  to send that parcel to the customer, and

2. An additional 10% restocking fee.

Further, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that many international orders are often subject to physical abuse and destruction when handled by customs offices, shippers and couriers and can be returned badly damaged to the seller with marring, crushing, tearing, permanent staining and defacement, breakage resulting in loss of resalability of such items due to such physical abuse, even though the actual shipping box is technically unopened.  Therefore, the buyer further agrees that any such permanently damaged unopened goods that are returned to PDI and Natural Health Education LLC by the buyer’s customs office or international shipper in such condition making them unusable and non-resalable will have the cost of such damaged goods deducted from the total refund made to the customer.