Is it OK to eat only the white part of the egg while following the Peyronies therapy plan?

Hi Dr. Herazy, 

I have recently been diagnosed with Peyronies and I have bought your book and just started the medium plan.

I have always been interested in nutrition and thought that my diet was OK but now I realize that I actually need to change what I eat a lot. I am just about to change my diet based on the recommendations you have laid out in your book. However I have a few questions about the diet:

I have noted that eggs and diary products are on the avoid list. Is it OK to eat only the white part of the egg?

At breakfast I often eat porridge made of oat flakes and water together with cottage cheese, fruits and milk. Is it OK to still eat cottage cheese if it is low in fat if I cut out the milk?

The reason for these questions is that I try to understand what is not good with eggs and milk. I assume it is because of the yellow part of the egg with cholesterol and because of the fat in the milk. However there may be other factors so I would be most grateful if you could pls let me know if I can still eat cottage cheese and the white part of the egg. I want to have an aggressive approach to cure my Peyronies disease and I am ready to change my diet, do various exercises and follow my supplement plan as long as it takes.

Pls give a comment also on my plan as follows:

Daily I will take the following:

vitamin e factor 400/400 – 2 pills per day
vitamin e factor maxi-gamma – 1 pill per day
vitamin c natural c – 1 pill per day
vitamin c ascorbplex 1000 – 1 pill per day
MSM 10g per day – 5g in the morning and 5g in the evening
Fibrozym – 2 pills x 3 times a day
nattokinase – 2 pills x 2 times a day
Scar x – 3 times a day
DMSO + cupper + Unique E oil at least once a day after shower

Added to my plan:
Paba – 1 pill x 2 times a day
OmegaT – 1 pill per day
Quercetin Bromelain Complex – 1 pill twice a day
Acetyl L-Carnitine – 1 pill twice a day

Would be most grateful for any feedback. Thank you so much for having created this service. Rik

Greetings Rik,

Thank you for your diet questions and the detailed report on how you are approaching your Peyronie's therapy plan.  

You have obviously taken to heart the dietary recommendations found in chapter 5 my book, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook”   In this chapter is discussed the dietary aspects of treating PD in which I present the idea that certain foods and styles of eating can contribute to PD.  

In that same chapter of the book that talks about different dietary issues, at the very beginning I say that most of the dietary suggestions are based on ancient Oriental concepts that are used in the practice of acupuncture and yin/yang.  I go on to say that it would require an explanation that could run for several books to completely and thoroughly explain these concepts.  You are asking a simple and direct question that from a Western standpoint should have a simple and direct answer – that makes sense.  But the answer is not so simple or direct – it is very complex without a good understanding of traditional yin/yang concepts. 

The chapter that you are referring to is very clear on this point,  that this list represents Eastern thinking, not Western thinking.   Many of the food items mentioned in the list to avoid are really good nutritional foods – from a Western standpoint.  However, these foods are not considered from a Western perspective but from an Eastern perspective.  This is where the idea of avoiding cheese, eggs and banana comes from; not from a nutritional standpoint but from an energetic standpoint.  It is not related to fat or cholesterol as you suggest, but from the Eastern concepts of energy creation, movement and stagnation of that same energy.  

The closer you follow these dietary guidelines, even it does not make sense to your Western thinking, I believe you will see your results follow. You can decide to eat all or part of the egg hte

If you really want to know more I suggest that you simply get several acupuncture text books and study the subject thoroughly.

Your PD therapy plan is balanced and is a reasonable start in Peyronie's treatment.  Congratulations.  There is nothing I can see that is essentially wrong with it.  As you are using your plan right now, it could help take you all the way to reversal of your PD problem, or it could be insufficient to help you.  There is no way to know if a plan is correct for you by looking at it.  You must put it into action and see what it does after 10-14 days to change or reverse the size, shape, density of your scar that is always the ultimate determinant if your plan is correct or not. 

If following this plan causes changes in your scar, then continue with your plan until your scar is either gone or stops responding to it.

If following this plan causes no changes in your scar, then modify it in some way and again re-evaluate your scar in 10-14 days to see if your scar changes in some desirable way.   If you need help in determining what to change in your plan, please provide a detailed description of your scar as you learned to do in chapter 4 of that same book so I might understand what is going on with you a bit better and I will offer you some suggestions to consider.

Follow your plan faithfully and aggressively and let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH 


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