Is it possible to urinate the Peyronie’s plaque out of the body?

Hello Dr. Herazy,

I have had Peyronie's Disease for the past 18 months, with a penile curvature that is quite severe.

From 9/15 to 11/8/11, my urologist had me on a regimen of twice daily applications of Verapamil 30 ml Transdermal in PLO gel,80 mg/ml. As there was no discernible change in the curvature over the course of almost two months, it was decided to discontinue the Verapamil regimen.

However, since stopping, my recent urinations have contained a variable degree of light colored tissue-like particulate matter. Thus far, urinalyses have yielded nothing pathological, and thus the cause remains unknown.

My question is therefore: Is it possible that what I may be expelling in my urine are pieces of loosened plaque that have made their way into the urethra and out through the penis? My urologist thinks not, but the pharmacist does not rule out the possibility … despite believing it to be unlikely.

I might also add that the more such particulate matter being discharged during urination, the more discomfort I experience in the tip of the penis …. along with the occasional sensation of not having fully emptied my bladder.

Any answers, thoughts or recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Phil F.


Greetings Phil,

There is no anatomical connection between the opening of the urethra and the tunica albuginea of the shaft where your Peyronie's plaque is located.   Your pharmacist might be a great pharmacist, but knows noting of anatomy. If you actually did have a direct connection between the two you would be in the middle of a massively painful and bloody medical emergency, and you are not.

My guess from this end, with the limitation of knowing only what you have told me, is that you have an infection in the urethra – in spite of the negative urinalysis tests.  There are always false positives and false negatives in this kind of testing, and it is my guess that this is the case with you.  I suggest you go back to tell your urologist that your symptoms persist and that you would like another urinalysis done ASAP. 

After you get that situation cleared up I suggest you go to the PDI website to start some Alternative Medicine Peyronies disease treatment.   TRH


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