Is the Peyronie’s Disease Institute for me?

Dear Dr. Herazy,

I am 65 years old and have had Peyronie's disease for about 6mos. It started out gradually when I noticed some difficulty during sex and a small pea-sized nodule on the top of penis.  It has gradually worsened where sex is impossible and erections during the night are terribly bent and painful.  I have been to a uro doc 3x and have tried various rx with little or no success.

I am an active athlete that participates in 3-4 marathons a year and train almost everyday.   The Peyronies disease problem does not interfere with these activities.

Is PDI for me?



I find that many men who appear to be in the peak of health and physical condition, like you,  still develop Peyronie's disease.   I suppose being in top physical condition does not prevent injury from happening.  Just like athletes still strain and sprain ankles and knees, they also injure the delicate tissue of the penis called the tunica albuginea that leads to PD.   Accidents happen to everyone. 

It is your decision to attempt to assist and boost your Peyronies recovery using the Alternative Medicine methods found on the Peyronie's Disease Institute website. You sound like a good candidate for our concepts, but you should only do it if you are prepared to be faithful and follow the concepts well.  Half-hearted efforts usually result in little change.  If you take that same mindset that enables you run a few marathons annually in your 7th decade, then you should do well.    TRH


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