Is the reduced penis size typical of Peyronie’s disease?

Dear Dr. H.,

I have had peyrones for about 2 years.  In that  time my penis has gotten noticeably smaller, shorter, and skinnier.   At first it looked like it did (flaccid) when I was a 10 year old kid!   And when erect, it is also smaller and bent.  Is this decrease in size a typical part of my peyronies condition?

Thank you for your response and God Bless you for all your work.

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Greetings Joel,

Most men who develop Peyronie's disease begin to notice some reduction in penis size between the 6th to the 12th month.  Since everyone seems to follow a slightly different timetable for these changes this is only a guess based on information from 100s of men.  Some men experience size reduction sooner and others are later. Penis size reduction is caused by widespread thickening and contraction of the tunica and other soft tissue of the shaft that no longer can expand when the penis is filled with blood during an erection.  

This variation is also true for amount of lost erection size; some men more and some men less loss.  I have also noticed that some men lose more length than girth, and others lose more girth than length.  All of this variability is common for the way Peyronie's disease is inconsistent in so many ways. 

Loss of  penis size is a very common part of the process.  It seems that most men complain of losing 1 to 1-1/2 inches of length and about that same loss girth or circumference.   I do not recall anyone saying he has lost more than 2 inches of length, although it might only be that someone who has lost this much length is reluctant to admit to it.    TRH




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