Is this an early stage of Peyronie’s disease?


My story is a bit long but I'd be very grateful to have your insight on the matter since I'm not sure about what the generalist told me and it's very hard to see an urologist where I live.

First of all, I'm 24 years old.  About three weeks ago, I noticed a blue bruise on the underside of my penis head. I do not know how it appeared but it wasn't painful at the beginning and it would come and go so I wasn't too worried then.

About a week after, the bruise started hurting after I pressed it to see if it was sensible. After that day it would hurt all the time even when I'm not touching it (even when flaccid). The pain is most of the time dull (rarely sharp) and it's coming from the inside of the penis, not the skin. At that point I figured I had a hematoma inside the penis glans.

However, two weeks later, this hematoma has worsened: the pain is now on the whole underside of my penis and not just the head. Moreover, I'm having trouble getting and maintaining an erection. One night, my penis was bent downward during a semi erection but the next day I would have a normal straight erection (and semi-erection).

I went to see my family doctor about all that and he said it may all (the temporary bent, the pain and the erectile dysfunction) be caused by the hematoma being drained downward.

I'm a bit skeptical about this explanation because I've had a lot of bruises in my life and none of them ever hurt for that long and the pain surely never spread.

I would like to know if this may be an early stage of Peyronie's disease?
– if so, will I find in your book information on how to increase my chances of recovery by acting in the early stage of the disease?
– if so, is the prognosis good for me to regain a functional penis ? (i.e. no erectile dysfunction like I'm experiencing now)

Thanks a lot for all you're doing.


You have written to ask these questions three weeks after your bruised condition (hematoma) first appeared.  This is very early to predict if your problem will develop into Peyronie's disease.   Was it your medical doctor who used the term hematoma or is that something that you decided on your own?

I am most concerned that you did not mention any specific accident or injury that would account for the bruise you have.   If a bruise appeared without a specific injury to cause it, this could indicate the possibility of a problem larger than PD.  I suggest that if the hematoma and pain does not promptly resolve from this point forward that you go back to the same medical doctor for further evaluation.

Given the disadvantage of not knowing much about your problem other than the sketchy details you present here, I can only speculate it is a possibility that your erectile dysfunction is only temporary and the result of the local problem that caused your pain and bruise to appear.

You ask too much to want a prognosis for a problem I have not seen and is so acute at this stage.   The Peyronie's Disease Handbook would provide useful information for you.   TRH


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