Is this Peyronies disease?

I have 0 pain, 0 curve in erection and no hourglass look in erection.

However I am 18, and have had ed for 4 years. For as long as I can remember, on the occasion, My flaccid penis has a bit of the hourglass look. Also when it is night time, and I am extremely relaxed, and my flaccid becomes bigger, and almost a semi erect, it occasionally curves to the right which i just started noticing about 6 months ago. Also, after I urinate, occasionally I see my penis begin to curve right.

Again no pain, no bumps, no hourglass or curve in erection

I only see hourglass/curve in flaccid/semi erect.  Is this Peyronies disease?  If so will it get worse?  Can I send pictures to you?



Pictures would be of little help to reach a conclusion.

No one can say with any level of certainty based on the information you have provided whether your condition is Peyronie's disease or not.  These things are not diagnosed so casually or easily.   To know for sure what is happening, you must see a urologist and be examined for a formal diagnosis.

Having said that, it is my absolute guess that you do not have Peyronies disease for the following reasons you cite:
1.  Lifelong penile distortion, not recent onset
2.  Distortion when semi-erect or flaccid, not erect
3.  Occasional distortion, not constant or very frequent
4.  No mention of trauma
5.  No mention of familial PD or DC problem
6.  No penile curvature
7.  No pain

8.  No mass or lump, apparently; these can be missed even with PD, but in many cases the scar or plaque is easily found.

Please go to a good urologist and get to the bottom of your problem.   TRH


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