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Peyronie's Disease Forum for Women Serves Useful Purpose

Women need a Peyronie's forum for their special needs and issues.

While no one can doubt that the man who has Peyronies suffers in many ways with this problem, the women who love and live with these men suffer greatly in their own way.  Every woman touched by Peyronie's disease suffers not less because hers' is an indirect involvement, but perhaps more because of the acute frustration and helplessness of being unable to do anything to comfort her man during his times of distress.

Many of the emails I receive each day come from the women who are just as confused, frustrated, and angry about all the same issues that each man experiences in trying to deal with PD – with a few added issues.

Just as the man who first learns he has Peyronies, the woman must also attempt to grasp the answers to the basic questions that commonly arise at this time:

  1. This condition I have never heard of before – Peyronie’s disease – just what is it, and what do we do to get rid of it?
  2. Is it life threatening?
  3. What do you mean, there is no known cause or Peyronies cure?
  4. In the early part of the 21st century, when even cancers are being cured, how is it possible that science has no help for this problem?
  5. Could it be that we have talked to a doctor who is lazy or incompetent: should we talk to someone else?
  6. Would we get better answers, and help, if we spent more money and went to a higher level specialist?
  7. How could this problem affect up to 9% of the male population, but I have never heard of it before?
  8. What do you mean, you do not know if it is going to get better or worse?

On and on the questions pour out, trying to make sense of a terrible situation.  But there are other questions that a woman must naturally ask in the privacy of her own self:

  1. I am sorry that he got injured during intercourse.  He knows I did not do it on purpose.  I feel so guilty when I see him suffering.  Is he holding all this against me?
  2. What about my sexual needs; what am I going to do now?
  3. I didn’t do anything wrong, why am I suffering too?
  4. Why is he being so quiet and secretive about this; why won’t he talk to me about this problem?  Doesn’t he realize It is affecting me, too?
  5. What is going on with him?  He is getting so moody and irritable that I am afraid to talk to him sometimes.
  6. I feel like there is a brick wall around him, and he is a hundred miles away.  Why won’t he talk to me?

Of course, there are all the sexual problems and sexual discussions that are so unique between couples.  These too, are a part of the problems associated with Peyronie’s disease treatment– sometimes minor and manageable, and sometimes so major that a couple can not sustain themselves together.  In these cases where I counsel couples, I find that most all of the time each couple has a problem communicating on a much deeper level necessary to truly understand each other to the degree needed in this time of special need.

Throughout all this time, during discussion and lack of discussion, the woman suffers in her own unique way.  There are no easy answers to any of this, but it is necessary that a woman be able to communicate with someone, express her fears and her needs, and learn she is not alone.  This section of the Peyronie’s Disease Treatment forum blog is intended for this purpose.

Please feel free to ask questions, post comments and replies to each other, so you may feel this is a place of understanding and comfort for you.


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