Masturbation as Cause of Peyronie’s Disease

Here is a common kind of question asking me if I think this young man's Peyronie’s disease started with masturbation.  In this discussion we explore the cause of Peyronie's disease, and my response advising him how to manage his problem.

hi dr. herazy

thank you for your quick replies to my questions!!

i know that i cannot ask anyone else this question, because it is so embarrassing for me…and you are the only one i know who I can trust…but i need to know because it is just driving me crazy and i do not know who else to ask before i hurt myself even more.

as i told you, i got my pd almost two years ago when i was 17, and i have kept this problem from my parents all this time…the reason i have not told them is because i do not know how they would react if i told them that i think i got peyronies by masturbating too hard…do you think this is possible?  ever since i was about 11 or 12 i would masturbate sometimes a few times a week…sometimes a few times a day…and I developed what i now see are some pretty strange and brutal rituals to reach ejaculation….one day i got so carried away with rubbing and twisting really hard that i got so sore for over a week that i thought i broke something inside…i got black and blue and then about a month later i noticed a lump of tissue on the top and side; after that the curve started that has only gotten worse for two years.

please tell me if you think i did this to myself, so i will know and maybe i will be able to stop masturbating after all this time…waiting for your answer.

thanks for your past advice.


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Greetings, CXXXXXX,

It seems like every few weeks I get a phone call or an email from someone who tells me his Peyronie’s disease started from a injury that started from over-aggressive masturbation.  I mention this to you so you know you are not alone.  It seems many men – both young and old – sometimes get so carried away with their masturbation that they injure the delicate tunica albuginea membrane inside the shaft of the penis. When this happens it is possible for one or more masses of fibrous material (called plaque) to develop in response to the injury as a way of healing it – it has been said that PD is nothing more than an excessive or exuberant healing response of the tunica to injury.  This plaque prevents a normal erection from developing and leads to the severe 90 degree bend you now have.

I have no way of knowing for sure if that was the case with you.  However, based on what you have told me how you have rubbed and rammed your penis against your mattress or into a pillow for years, I think there is a good chance that this is how your problem started.  Actually, my concern is more about how to take care of your problem than in trying to help you blame yourself.  It is in the past.  The only thing that is important right now is what you are going to do to help yourself today.

So what are you to do now?  We have already discussed how I suggest you go about using Alternative Medicine to promote repair of your PD. You need to carefully and faithfully work that Medium Plan and add in the information from the gentle manual stretching video just as soon as you receive it.

In addition to all that, you need to stop being so rough in your masturbation – notice I am not saying stop masturbating – I am telling you to refine and improve your technique so that it is more like intercourse.  I know that you have never had sex with a girl because of your PD, so you need to imagine what it is like and use your hand to mimic what you think that feels like.   Do not use inanimate objects for the time being – use only your hand so that you can control the softness of the stimulation and to heighten the pleasure that you are looking for.  You must use a lot – loads – of lubrication when you masturbate so that you do not injure yourself further.  Never masturbate “dry” again.  There is no sense in you doing all this work to help your body to heal your Peyronie’s plaque if you beat yourself up every night while masturbating, OK?

You have to get ahead of your problem and being soft and gentle is the way to do it.  I am sorry, but you will probably find that in the beginning maybe for a few days or a few weeks you will not be able to come to orgasm with your new way of masturbating.  You will have to change what you do, young fella, even if it is difficult and not as familiar to you at the start.  Over time your nerve system will adapt to this new pleasant sensation and you will probably enjoy it more in the long run.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc


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