Medical Peyronie’s Cure is Lacking

Peyronie’s disease cure right under your nose

Everyone wants a medical Peyronie’s cure that is a fast, easy, economical – and, oh yes – guaranteed.  In short, the ideal cure for Peyronie's disease from the traditional medical viewpoint would be simply to pop a pill or two.  In this way everyone with a bent nail could go about with his life as before, with minimal inconvenience or effort.

Why would I say that this is the viewpoint of “everyone”?   Well, simply because we live in a medical society.  When people think of a “cure’ they think of medicine as it is currently being practiced.   All efforts on the medical industry drawing board are directed toward looking for a drug – oral or injectible – to be the great cure for Peyronie’s disease that has evaded us for over 425 years.   Currently, Peyronie’s disease surgery is the only treatment that organized medicine makes available to someone with this problem and it is beset by limitations and drawbacks.

Other than the Peyronie’s Disease Institute no other effort has been made to seriously investigate a treatment for Peyronie’s disease outside of the traditional medical model.

This limited viewpoint of looking only for a medication to treat Peyronie’s disease is typical of the medical and drug industries.   The business people who decide how to approach a particular health problem tend to look at these issues from a profit standpoint; they also only look in directions and for treatment approaches that are not only profitable, but which they can control so that their profit is protected.

Since the perfect Peyronie’s drug has eluded the medical establishment, they are quick to say there is no known cure for Peyronie’s disease.   What this statement really means is that there is no known cure for Peyronie’s disease using a drug or medical procedure they can profit from, control, and manipulate.

There is a Peyronie’s cure

What kind of medical quackery and heresy – nonsense – is it to say that there is a cure for Peyronie’s disease?  Actually none.  The body itself, in a fairly high percent of cases, will heal and correct – cure – the Peyronie’s plaque so that the problem does not advance.  Peyronie’s disease eventually leaves without a trace of deformity, pain, scar formation or limited sexual ability for about half of the men who get this problem.  It is said that about in half of the men who develop Peyronie’s disease, within the first 12-24 months the entire problem will just go away on its own.  Does that sound like a Peyronie’s cure to you?  It does to me.

How does the body go about doing this miraculous thing, to rid itself of the terrible curved penis that is the hallmark of Peyronie’s disease, and heal over the mass of fibrous material that is known as the Peyronie’s plaque?  I do not know; no one knows.  But then again, I do not know how my body does the thousands of miraculous and complex things it does every second of every day of my life.  I do not know, as a small example, how my body can take the breakfast I just ate and convert into living tissue.  We are all just wonderful that way, and part of this is demonstrated when a man heals his own Peyronie’s disease.

The Peyronie’s Disease Institute is involved with the use of a wide variety of nutritional and supplemental products that are intended to increase and improve the ability of the body to heal the Peyronie’s scar.  It is really not so complicated or more mysterious than that.

For those who say it is quackery or nonsense to think that a person can improve his ability to heal and function better in life, I ask, “Why it is that a person eats?”

What is the purpose of eating?  To satisfy the taste buds?  No, that is just a side benefit.  We eat, we put nutrients into our body so it can function; the food we take in is fuel to enable life and repair to take place.   By following the ideas of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute about PD treatment, all we are doing is trying to increase the odds and opportunity for the body to heal and repair in a way that is better than what is happening now.  Call this a Peyronie’s cure if you want, but it is no more miraculous than anything else that your body does during the course of an average day.


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