Any comments why my curved penis went away but I still have lost 3 inches?

Hello.  I am a 59 yo male who had a Peyronies episode 2 years ago…. curved penis… pain followed with erection.   The curve went to the left…but all of that has gone away.  BUT lost about 3 in in length.  Any thoughts on this?  Still can get erection, not a problem.  But miss the lost 3 in….BTW my name is John…and i live just over here in Elgin IL,  not to far from you in Palatine.  If you can help please let me know…Thanks

Greetings John,

Lost length is a very common part of having Peyronie's disease, perhaps even more common than curvature and distortion. 

You ask for my comments on your current situation.  You still have Peyronies disease, but more than likely your arrangement of internal Peyronies plaque is balanced and does cause incomplete filling of the penis chambers during erection, hence no curved penis.  It is also my opinion that you could develop curvature again if your internal scar changes so that it pulls in a different way.  Many men can go for years with a particular pattern of penile distortion, assuming that it is how their PD will be and then suddenly find themselves with a worsened distortion.  This is why you cannot assume  your straight erection will always be straight.  For this reason you would be wise to start treatment to correct as much of your problem as you can while you are straight.  I probably should also comment that lost length can and does return when men work to correct their Peyronie's disease.  Some men get it all back, and others only part of what was lost; it varies from man to man.   The return of lost length occurs when the fibrous tissue build up of the contracted scar material is reabsorbed by the body.  TRH


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