Can I follow a natural Peyronies treatment plan while being on several different medications?

Dear Dr. Herazy,
I have been diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, but I also have some other health issues that I am being treated for. I want to know if any of the substances used in your PD treatment will interact negatively with my current prescription medications. I am taking 1 Levothriod tab 88mcg on an empty stomach, for my thyroid; 1 Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethopr at bedtime ( I have an Atonic bladder and must self catheterize every time I urinate); I also take 1 Acyclovir tab 400mg twice daily for herpes prevention. I think my herpes outbreaks contributed to the development of my PD. I want to start treating my PD because, as per your website, my Urologist tried me on Verapomil ointment, but it irritated my skin, and he has't been fortcoming with any other treatment ( wait and see). I also have BHP, and he is watching my PSA levels, (I have had three biopsys, all negative. Thank you for any information on my question.


Greetings Lou,

Sorry to hear of your current situation.

The best answer I can give you is in two parts. First, no one in over ten years of this work has reported a drug interaction occurrence as a result of taking any natural Peyronies treatment product.  These are all naturally occurring substances, for the most part nutritional in nature.  There would be little reason to think that any medication would have an adverse reaction with a nutritional product.  Second, I suggest you present the list of therapies that you decide to take as an Alternative Medicine treatment for Peyronie's disease to the medical doctor who prescribed these drugs to you.   He can offer his opinion about the appropriateness of combining these two different forms of treatment.    


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