Neprinol in a Peyronie’s disease treatment plan

I have had Peyronie's disease for about a year now. I have been doing lots of research and plan to purchase your medium plan. I feel that will be a god starting point. I have seen some other options with success stories, in particular, Serracor-NK mixed with Serra RX 80. My question is can I add these supplements to your medium plan in hope to defeat the disease better. Is that healthy, or would that be too much? I read that the Serracor-NK has nattokinase in it which is one of your supplements in the medium plan, so would this be pointless or do you think that would be ok?




It seems most everyone makes changes and adds variations to the basic PDI-based treatment plan.  I cannot comment on the products you mention because I have no direct experience with them.  The problem with using these products is that I have been told that there is little information that has been made available about how to use these products.  

The medium plan is already a well diversified way to increase your ability to reduce your Peyronie's disease. I suggest that you simply start with the medium plan and see what it can do for you as it is presented.  If at a later time you think you might want to add some additional therapy you could always use the products you mentioned.

When you order your medium plan you will be impressed with the amount of information you will receive that describes in great detail how to use each component of the 10 items in that plan.  No one says that they do not understand how to go about using their therapy products after reading the information that is given with each order.

Lastly, in my opinion Neprinol is a better fibrinolytic enzyme product than those you mention, based on the formulation and the feedback I receive from people who have used both.  That is why we promote its use and not other enzyme products.  The ultimate decision is always yours.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.  TRH


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