Can Neprinol be used in my Peyronie’s treatment plan if I am sensative to soy?

Hello Doctor,

I was reading about soy free Neprinol AFD on the PDI website.  The statement "soy free" caught my attention.  For some time I have been taking a soy-based energizing protein supplement.  Is there some connection between PD and soy?

About a year ago I began to mix the soy protein with a whey protein in a 1:2 ratio.

Thank you for a very informative web-site.




Greetings Bill,

There is no statistical or clinical evidence to suggest that Peyronie's disease is related to soy intake. That information about Neprinol being soy-free is based on the need of many people to avoid soy in their diet; it is mentioned to let those know who are sensitive to soy that Neprinol can be used for their Peyronie's treatment.  TRH


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