What about these other systemic enzyme products for Peyronie's treatment?

What do you think of the products Serracor-NK and Serra RX? I have been taking them as well in my Peyronie's treatment plan. They are very expensive and I am wondering if I should reorder or not.

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Thanks so much for your feed back


Greetings Nick,

I have never used or had experience with anyone who was successful in using these products as a Peyronie's treatment. I just do not have any experience with them so I cannot speak with authority about them.

What I can comment on is that several years ago there were some terrible lawsuits that were initiated because of aggressive business practices by the manufacturer of Serracor and Serra RX, and they attempted to destroy the manufacturer of Neprinol. Eventually, the Neprinol folks won out, and I have always felt that this history did not speak well of the people who make Serracor and Serra RX. I just do not have confidence in them. It might be a great product, but I would just as well continue to use the older, larger and more experienced company that makes Neprinol.

I cannot work with you to answer any questions about using these two enzyme products since I have no practical experience with either of them; you are on your own if you have a question about them. TRH