New Peyronies Treatment

Many New Peyronie's Treatment Available

There are several totally different and new Peyronies treatment concepts recently developed by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. These Peyronie’s disease treatment concepts are improvements over existing ideas and information known within the medical community.

The first new Peyronies treatment is the most exciting, and this has to do with the professionally produced CD video that presents the Peyronie’s Disease Institute Manual Penis Stretching Method©. After talking to so many men who were injured by those ineffective and dangerous mechanical penis stretching devices, I decided to investigate the subject. The basic idea of stretching the Peyronie’s scar to reduce the tight and contracted tissue is interesting. So much so, that after a two year research project, PDI developed a safe, sensible, effective and affordable method that actually works and is safe. With this new Peyronies treatment it is possible to manually stretch the scar material because it goes about it in a way that is different from the mechanical penis stretchers.

The CD for this new Peyronies treatment clearly demonstrates how to gently stretch the thickened fibrous tissue inside the shaft of the bent penis – something totally new in the world of Peyronie’s disease – to improve the six basic types of PD deformities:
1. Twist
2. Curve
3. Bend
4. Dent (also called a ding, depression, or hinge)
5. Hourglass
6. Bottleneck
Further, additional information is included that explains how to successfully stretch a combination of distortions, since very often two or more penis distortions appear together.

Synergy as a new Peyronie's treatment

Another new Peyronies treatment concept first presented by PDI is the concept of using a combination of several Alternative Medicine therapies together at the same time to increase the effectiveness of each one. This is a concept called synergy. This new treatment approach to Peyronie’s treatment is the foundation of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute therapy approach. To read more about this concept, go to synergy.

Diet as a new Peyronie's treatment

Next in the way of a new Peyronies treatment is the idea of using diet in the management of PD, that developed from the ongoing research project conducted for almost eight years by Peyronie’s Disease Institute. The dietary treatment approach for Peyronies treatment centers on the idea of closely reducing wide swings of the acid and alkaline balance of the blood. This diet is explained in some detail in the book written by Dr. Theodore Herazy, “Peyronie’s Disease Handbook.”

Actually, most of the information presented on the website of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute falls into the category of a new Peyronies treatment because in the past, before PDI came into being, only drugs and surgery were considered a serious Peyronie’s disease treatment. Now, many areas of Alternative Medicine are being successfully applied.  PDI has opened wide horizons for new Peyronies treatment.


3 thoughts on “New Peyronies Treatment

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  2. fred finlay says:

    has anyone tried freezing the plauqe areas in or at the bend of the penis.. Like the treatment Dr Sobelo does for fat cells

  3. 88TRH88 says:

    Greetings Fred,

    The fibrous connective tissue cells of Peyronie’s disease are different than fat cells in many ways. They would respond differently, or not at all. Interesting thought. Thanks. TRH

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