Are there other conditions that produce the same symptoms as Peyronies disease?

I know you say to get diagnosed by a doctor, but all of my symptoms fit Peyronie's to a T. I feel that going in to be diagnosed would be throwing money, and time away. Are there other conditions that would produce the same symptoms? I am ready to commit to your plan, as it seems to be the only thing that might help. Also, are there any other health benefits from your plan? I have prostate problems,for which my doctor prescribed finasteride, and have since developed what I believe to be Peyronies. I have subsequently quit taking the finasteride, and was wondering if your plan helps at all with prostate issues.

Thank you for your help.


I cannot force you to receive medical care or to be examined, but only to advise you that it is typically the wise thing to do.

Many cases of PD are strongly suggestive of this problem, making a formal diagnosis seem superfluous.  There are no other medical conditions that cause an exact clinical presentation of a classic case of Peyronie's disease.

Please read Will the drug finasteride (Proscar) (Propicia) affect my Peyornie’s disease in any way? to learn more about the relationship between this drug and PD.

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The PDI treatment concept was intended specifically as a way to increase the ability to remove the PD scar material in a natural way as when the condition simply disappears during the normal healing process.   However, I have had many people tell me that many chronic health conditions have cleared up while following the improved nutritional approach that is integral to the PDI concept of PD treatment.  Even so I would not approach treatment of a chronic prostatitis hoping that it might clear up while working to eliminate the PD scar.  You would have to be much more specific and direct in your therapeutic selection than what is found in a PD treatment plan.  This is the reason we do include a few prostate treatment items under the “Prostate Support” tab of the PDI store.  I suggest you undergo a brief therapeutic trial of care in this way while still following your medical doctor's advice about your prostate.   TRH