BioProstate Supplement, 120 capsules

BioProstate is designed to help your body heal and repair tissue changes associated with hormonal changes and aging   It supplies targeted nutrition for bladder and prostate tissue by supplying a comprehensive pharmaceutical grade blend of minerals and standardized herbal extracts designed to support prostate function. These nutrients are hypoallergenic and free of artificial ingredients.

BioProstate supports healthy prostate function, encourages healthy testosterone production, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) balance.  It works to support enhanced urinary bladder control, so there are fewer nightly trips or urinary urgency during the day.

Safety is the primary concern for any man who has Peyronies disease when using sexual stimulants.  It is most important to not create an erection that could result in further tissue injury.  The key is to develop an erection that is natural, with a normal amount of internal pressure.  This is accomplished by using Stimulin with your sexual enhancement effort.

Stimulin will help BioProstate work better, the erection will be more natural, and you will need less of this product if you use Stimulin with it.  PDI recommends that Stimulin is always used as the base of any good sexual therapy program.  Take Stimulin as directed.)


Not all men respond the same to sexual enhancement supplements what works for one, does little for another.  PDI suggests that you try to improve sexual performance with several different products before deciding which one works best for you.  Do not be discouraged if the first product does not do much for you.   We list many products because it is often necessary to experiment with a few.

For best results, always use Stimulin along with this product.

Ingredients Per 2 veggie capsules: Zinc (Aspartate) 10 mg. Copper (Glycinate) 1 mg. Saw Palmetto Extract (45% fatty acids) 350 mg. Nettle Leaf Powder (Urtica Diocia) 150 mg. Pygeum Africanum Extract (2.5% sterols) 125 mg. Pumpkin Seed 80 mg. Beta Sitosterol 15 mg. Lycopene (5%) 200 mg.

Suggested Dose Take 1 or 2 BioProstate capsules, twice per day (total of 2 to 4 per day), or as directed by your health care professional. Keep tightly capped and store in a cool, dry place.

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