Hot Rod Enhancer – Super Stretchy

The Hot Rod Enhancer is designed for the man who has lost a lot of girth – or the woman who needs a lot of girth – and needs some help for a more satisfying and intense sexual experience.  Look carefully at the image of this product and notice two things:  1. The device has a wedge shaped design to make entry easy and to push out at the sides of the vagina for the woman who wants the fuller feeling of a tighter fit.  2. The open end of the Hot Rod Enhancer at the top allows the head of the penis to be completely exposed for maximum sensation and a natural feeling for a satisfying sexual experience.

The Hot Rod Enhancer is a nicely thought out and well designed product that is worth investigating if you want to support the shaft of the penis very well – add most other enhancers and supports are too large for you.  It measures 3.5”x 1.5” (9 cm x 4 cm).   It is made of TPR, so it will last a long time.

The great thing about all of these sex products available on the PDI website, is that the cost is low and the potential benefit to your love life is great. Since all men are anatomically different, and since PD affects all men differently with different kinds and degrees of curvature, it is a good idea to get a few different styles of these supports to learn what works best for you and her.

Note: While all of penis supports and enhancers sold by Online Natural Healthcare LLC reduce the chance of penis injury during intercourse, none can prevent or eliminate the possibility completely when excessive force or ill-advised techniques are used during sexual activity. Always use good judgment and reasonable caution while wearing this device. No warranty is expressed or implied.

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