July 2014 Special – Two Bromelain 5000 for $14.10

July 2014 Special – Half off the price of the 2nd bottle of Bromelain

Bromelain 5000-FinalThis month PDI and DCI have a half-off sale on Bromelain.  Buy one Bromelain 5000 at the regular price of $9.40, and get the 2nd one at 50% off – two bottles of Bromelain 5000 for ONLY $14.10.

Bromelain 5000 is a great enzyme supplement product that works by stimulating the production of collagenase – the enzyme that breaks the peptide bonds of collagen and thus dissolves excess fibrous tissue found in DC and PD.  The Peyronie’s scar, and the Dupuytren’s nodule and cord, are made up of excessive collage.  Anything that can break up this collagen will help these problems. Of several protein-digesting enzymes that are active in the body, bromelain has been found most effective at reducing collagen.

Give Bromelain 5000 a try to see what it can do to reverse your PD or DC.

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