“Manual Penis Stretching Method” DVD

PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©

“PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©” DVD shows how to improve penis curvature safely and effectively.  No expensive stretching equipment or harness is needed, only the hands.  This new idea for penis stretching only has to be done for one or two hours a week. Reduce penis curvature gently with your fingertips.

This 60-minute DVD teaches how to use very light fingertip traction based on the direction of the curved penis.  Even if the penis has a twist, dent  or bulge this stretching method will help.  It is a very simple but effective idea. Once learned, it is another tool to use in your treatment plan.

This method is the result of a two-year research project. As a result, moderate to marked improvement occurred in 8 out of 10 cases of chronic and severe PD curvature.  All men in the research project also used a PDI-based Large or Medium therapy plan, in addition to the light penis stretching method.

Combination treatment is important

The PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© works best when combined with other therapies.  When a man only stretches his penis without following a PDI-style therapy plan, results are not as good. This manual method works by itself; it gets results, but not as good as when used as part of a larger plan. Therefore, it is best to use a broad and diverse PDI style therapy plan while stretching, for best results.  1-hour.

*This product is a digital download and no physical DVD will be shipped. This is a one-hour DVD program. It will take 10-20 minutes to download.

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