“Manual Penis Stretching Method” DVD

“PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method©” is a revolutionary 60-minute instructional video.   In this professionally created DVD, you will discover how to safely alter the physical characteristics of the the PD  scar, and change your penis curvature.

Detailed directions are given for a new and effective method for restoring your sexual health by manually adding to your Peyronie’s disease treatment plan – unlike anything that has ever been used.  You will be shown how to gently and effectively apply a very small amount of traction with your fingers in a variety of directions to specifically match the scar material that is causing your penile curvature.  It is a very simple but effective technique that once learned, will allow you to add another dimension of treatment to your problem.

All techniques and procedures are shown in great detail for ease of use and understanding, and this method does not require expensive stretching equipment. You will learn exactly how PDI has created significant changes in 8 out of 10 cases of chronic and severe PD curvature during a two-year research project. These men not only improved their penis deformity, but they reduced their PD scars.

The PDI Manual Penis Stretching Method© is not intended to be a stand-alone technique for treating Peyronie’s disease. The PDI research project was done with men who were all following a PDI based Large or Medium nutrition therapy plan while also using this method of direct static traction. It is the opinion of PDI that if you only stretch without following an aggressive PDI-style nutritional therapy plans, you will not get the same good results these men earned. PDI always recommends that all men who seriously work to reverse their scar and curvature will use the power of synergy with multiple layers of diverse PD therapy– this stretching technique is just one more way of doing that. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you faithfully follow a broad and diverse PDI style therapy plan while stretching, to guarantee your best results. The internal support and healing promoted by the therapy will work synergistically with the stretching you will perform. 1-hour.

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