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PDI Large Plan

PDI Large Plan – 11 items – Unique Vitamin E; Vitamin C; MSM; Inflamazyme; PABA; ScarStat; PMD-DMSO; Super CP Serum; Massage/Exer DVD; Unique E oil; Ultrasound unit

The Large Plan is our most complete and well-balanced plan for Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.  It gets fastest results because it is most widely diversified. This plan is suited for men with severe PD, or not responded to prior medical treatment. Those who have had PD for longer than 24 months, or are older than 60 years of age should consider the Large Plan. Any man who has simply decided he wants to do as much as possible to help himself should use it.

HOW LONG will the large Peyronie’s treatment plan last? 

That can vary greatly.  Each man uses his PD plan differently. These differences are mostly the variety of items used in a plan, but especially about daily dosages.

Some men use an average vitamin E dose, and a heavy vitamin C dose. Others do the opposite with a heavy vitamin E dose and an average vitamin C dose. Because of this, each bottle in a Large Plan will last different times. In other words, no two plans are used the same.

Based on my experience with others who use a Large Plan, the average man re-supplies the DMSO, Super CP Serum and topical Unique E oil close to once every 3 months, while the Unique-E, vitamin C, PABA, Scar-Free and Fundamental Sulfur about every 4-6 weeks, and Inflamazyme every 4 weeks. There is no need to replace the most expensive part of the Large Plan – the 3MHz Ultrasound device; as is the Massage and Exercise video DVD never replaced.


The suggested retail cost for these 11 items is $461.08. Here with Natural Health Education LLC, you would usually pay $426.90 for these items separately, but order all 11 items in the large plan bundle to save 10% from our already low prices – just $384.21!

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST each month to treat my Peyronie’s scar with the large plan?

The average man will spend about $85-110 monthly to replenish the large plan.



There are TWO large plans. The one you see above, and this next one, below, called the Alternate Large Plan.  There is considerable difference between the two. Either would work as a larger treatment plan. The choice is yours based on your preference.


 PDI Alternate Large Plan

The PDI Alternate Large Plan includes the 13 following products: Neprinol (300 count), Unique-E (180 count), Natural C (250 count), Quercetin-Bromelain, PABA, PMD DMSO, Super CP serum, Unique E oil (1 oz), ScarStat (2 bottles), Massage & Exercise CD video, Manual Penis Stretching DVD video, Peyronie’s Disease Handbook

The PDI Alternate Large Plan supplies more of a few basic treatment items, like the very important Neprinol systemic enzyme product, and several education sources that are not included in any other plan. It is just another way to go about using Peyronie’s disease natural treatment with an emphasis on learning more about PD.

HOW LONG will the Alternate Large Peyronie’s treatment plan last?

Each person approaches his PD plan a little differently, the comments about length that each item will last is the same as the comment above on this subject.

Others who use the Alternate Large Plan use it this way:  Re-supply the DMSO, Unique-E vitamin E oil and Super CP Serum close to every 3 months. They re-supply the 300-count bottle of Neprinol every 5-6 weeks; large bottle of vitamin C every 2 months; PABA and Quercetin-Bromelain 4-6 weeks.  Large bottle of Unique-E capsules and Scar-Free every 2-3 months. Of course, three items in this plan – the Peyronie’s Disease Handbook, the Manual Penis Stretching DVD video and the Massage & Exercise video CD – are never replaced, not adding to the expense of monthly treatment.


The suggested retail cost for the 13 items is $533.75.   Natural Health Education LLC, charges $498.44 for these items separately.  However, order all 11 items in the Large Plan bundle to save 10% from our already low prices – just $448.60!

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST each month to treat my Peyronie’s scar with the Alternate Large Plan?

An average man spends about $100-115 monthly to replenish the Alternate Large Plan each month.

$435.73Add to cart

Hints for modifying the Large Plan – and saving money

The Large Plan is well designed and diverse plan to supply what you need to heal the PD scar.  You can use the Large Plan as you see it here. Or, you can modify it. For example, you can order the Large Plan and add the gentle manual penis stretching DVD or Coenzyme Q10 to it.  The idea is to use the largest and most diversified treatment you can sustain for a few months, for best results.

If you have financial limits, you can create a reduced Large Plan. Use the Large Plan as an example of what you want, but take out a few things. Trim it back to what you can afford. The important thing is that you do not let your PD problem go untreated.  Using a reduced amount of treatment is better than doing nothing.  Go to the PDI store to order separate items that are part of the Large Plan if you cannot get the Large Plan.  You will also see many other individual therapy items, books, videos, sex aides, that are not included in the Large Plan.

Treatment decisions are always yours to make, since PDI can only offer suggestions and ideas. Always consult with your doctor about any self-treatment you decide to undergo.

To see all the great treatment options available to you, click PDI store.

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