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PDI Medium Plan

PDI Medium Plan – 9 items – Unique Vitamin E; Vitamin C; MSM; Inflamazyme; PABA; ScarStat; PMD-DMSO; Super CP Serum; Massage/Exer DVD

The Medium Plan is our most popular Peyronie’s disease natural treatment.  Men in any age group use it, especially those with PD for 12-24 months. It is great for all severity levels of PD because it has a wide variety of nine therapies. The Medium Plan offers great opportunity to modify or expand care depending on response of the PD scar to treatment.

HOW LONG will the medium Peyronie’s treatment plan last?

Each man uses his PD plan differently. These differences are mostly the variety of items in his plan, but especially about daily dosages.

Some men use an average vitamin E dose, and a heavy vitamin C dose. Others do the opposite with a heavy vitamin E dose and an average vitamin C dose. Because of this, each bottle in a Medium Plan will last different times. In other words, not all who use a Medium Plan take their therapies at the same rate.

Based on my experience with others who use a Medium Plan, the average person re-supplies the DMSO and Super CP Serum close to once every 3 months, while the Unique-E, vitamin C, PABA, Scar-Free and Fundamental Sulfur about every 4-6 weeks,  Inflamazyme every 4 weeks. Of course, the Massage and Exercise video DVD is never replaced.


The suggested retail price for these nine items is $288.55. Here with ONH LLC you would usually pay $244.90 for these items separately.  However, order the Medium Plan bundle to save an additional 10% from our already low prices – just $220.41!

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST EACH MONTH to treat my Peyronie’s scar with the medium plan?

An average user will spend about $75-95 monthly to replenish the Medium Plan.  This is, of course, after he makes his initial purchase that will be his one-time greatest expense.

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Hints for modifying the medium plan – and saving money

The Medium Plan is a very well designed and balanced plan  You can use just as it is presented here.  Or, you can add an additional therapy or two to the Medium Plan (like the gentle manual penis stretching video or the ultrasound therapy machine), to make it larger. To see all the great treatment options available to you, click PDI store.  A more diversified treatment plan should assist your recovery even further because you are presenting a greater variety of support opportunities to your tissue to encourage healing.  The idea is to work with the largest and most diversified treatment you can sustain for a few months as you work to support healing. 

If you have financial limits, you can also use the Small Plan instead of the Medium Plan.  Or you can separately order a few individual items in the Medium Plan.  The important thing is that you do not let your PD problem go untreated.  Using a reduced amount of treatment is better than doing nothing.

Go to the PDI store to order separate items in the medium plan if you cannot spend this much money.  You will also see many other individual therapy items, books, videos, sex aides that are not included in this Medium Plan.

Treatment decisions are always under your direct control since PDI can only offer suggestions and ideas. Always consult with your doctor about any self-treatment you decide to undergo.

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