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Ntiric oxide - largePDI suggests Nitric Oxide Ultra should be the foundation of any program to support normal sexual function and vitality.

Nitric Oxide Ultra offers a blend of CranLoad™ and Citrulline to support healthy blood flow by targeting nitric oxide production and flow-mediated dilation.  The formula centers around CranLoad™, a novel fruit blend developed as part of an extensive research program with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) and Université Laval in Quebec, Canada.  CranLoad™ delivers a unique cranberry and grape seed blend that has been the subject of several trials. Cranberries and grapes are particularly generous sources of proanthocyanidins and other polyphenols. In addition to being antioxidants, these compounds offer specific vascular support mechanisms that are associated with enhanced endothelial function.  Research indicates that CranLoad™ provides statistically significant support for healthy flow-mediated dilation (FMD), an effect similar to arginine administration.  FMD reflects blood vessel dilation mediated by nitric oxide synthase (NOS), an enzyme that generates the endogenous vasodilator, nitric oxide. In one study, the peak increase in brachial artery diameter following CranLoad™ supplementation was 2.8% at 60 minutes.  A similar physiological effect has been demonstrated with arginine. Citrulline is included to support nitric oxide production in the blood vessel endothelium and other tissues.  Research indicates that Citrulline increases plasma arginine in a dose dependent manner and to a greater degree than arginine supplementation.

PDI suggests that any man with Peyronie’s disease who is over the age of 55 and also experiences libido and erection problems (impotence) try Nitric Oxide Ultra.  The idea is that there could be a connection between the two problems – the reduced blood flow of impotence could be related to the start and continuation of PD.  Improving circulatory function  could be helpful to both problems.  Research has shown that Nitric Oxide Ultra is helpful in improving the ability to develop and sustain an erection – in a normal and healthy way – much like a normal healthy erection, and not the dangerous kind of super-erections that drugs can cause.   Many cases of Peyronie’s disease are started by these drug-related super-erections that damage the interior tissue.   If you already have PD it makes no sense to take the risk of injuring yoruself further.  Play it safe with Nitric Oxide Ultra.

Nitric Oxide Ultra is the foundation of a good sexual recovery effort

If your sex problem is stubborn, then you continue to take Nitric Oxide Ultra and add another sex booster to your lineup (Male X Booster or Herbal V, as examples) for additional support.  It is often necessary to experiment a little to learn what works best for each man.  Add to it one of the other sexual support products available on this website:

  • Male X Booster
  • ITI Man
  • Libido-M
  • BetterMAN
Once you have this kind of safe and rational approach to improving your sexual stimina and strength, you will know you are functioning at your best performance level.

Better than L-Arginine & Potency Drugs
The essential amino acid L-arginine is now widely used by men in lieu of medically prescribed potency drugs to support the bodys production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide exists for only short bursts in the body, but one of its main benefits is that it causes relaxation of vascular tissues, including the arteries and vessels leading to the heart and pelvic region. By initiating this relaxation response, blood flow improves which benefits both cardiovascular and sexual health.

Nitric Oxide Ultra Background
Nitric Oxide Ultra, a proprietary dietary supplement containing L-citrulline, maybe more potent than L-arginine because the body’s production of nitric oxide can be impaired, due to interference by other chemicals — but Nitric Oxide Ultra with Citrulline overcomes impaired nitric oxide synthesis even better than L-arginine.  At Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center, Baltimore, Maryland, relaxation of living tissue was inhibited markedly by the compound L-nitro-n-arginine. This same compound inhibits the bodys production of nitric oxide. Such inhibition was reversed by either L-argirine or L-citrulline. However, according to Drs. J.L. Ellis and N. Conanan, L-citrulline was more potent and effective. L-citrulline was also better than arginine at reversing inhibition produced by another nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, L-nitro monomethyl arginine.

The body requires L-citrulline to maintain optimal levels of arginine. In a study conducted by researchers associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Tufts University, Boston, rats were fed arginine-deficient diets containing ornithine or citrulline. The addition of citrulline (but not ornithine) to the diet restored blood arginine concentrations.

As Good as New Potency Pills
Besides nitric oxide, the body also requires ample amounts of a chemical called cyclic GMP, which causes relaxation of smooth muscles in penile vessels, leading to erection. The longer cyclic GMP is allowed to persist, the greater the chance for increased blood flow to the penis, thereby generating an erection. In experiments cited by doctors from the Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, L-citrulline was shown to double intracellular cyclic GMP levels.

Powerful erection producing drugs can and do injure penile tissue. Many men note that their PD started after use of these super-erection drugs. Since you already have PD, it is most important that you do not over-inflate the delicate penile soft tissues with these drugs. This is why we make Nitric Oxide Ultra available on this website: as a safe and effective alternative to Viagra, Cialis, etc.

Better Value than Other Potency Pills
While a single Viagra tablet runs at least $10.00, a daily dose of Nitric Oxide Ultra with Citrulline is only a fraction of this cost—but it provides the support of healthy sexual function that is completely safe and without known side effects.

Take one to two tablets twice daily, for a total of two to four tablets daily; this is a general dosage that works nicely for most men.  But, experiment to learn what dose works best for you.  If you need extra support, you might want to use the usual two to four tablets every day (because there are many widespeard health benefits to the elevated nitric oxide levels you develop with Nitric Oxide Ultra), but an hour or two before planned sexual activity you can take an extra Nitric Oxide Ultra for even greater blood flow.

PDI recommends that you experiement with combining Nitric Oxide Ultra with the other sex enhancing herbal supplements to gain all the benefit of safe and normal erections.  Be safe, don’t take chances with your PD.

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