Penis Prosthetic Cage w/ G-spot Stimulator

The Penis Prosthetic Cage with G-spot Stimulator is made of stretchy silicone material that is used in a different way, making it easier to put on than many supports: the silicone sleeve is cut into a lattice design like a net, thus allowing it to stretch even more than usual. This design feature is a simple and brilliant way to put this support on a penis that is either thicker than average or more bent than average.  It will support the penis perhaps in a lighter or gentler way than most products because of this uniquely designed open net or mesh design at the base of the support, while adding a little girth and length to the penis at the same time.  This is also a rather popular item with men with Peyronie’s disease to add romance to their lives because of these special.

The other unique feature of the Penis Prosthetic Cage with G-spot Stimulator is the bend of the extender portion at the end, that curves up to gently stimulate the G-spot during intercourse.  It is especially stretchy and easier to slide on than many other support devices because it has a unique open net design that makes it even stretchier than other products made with the same material.  If you have a difficult time putting other support devices on because you have a large bend or cure, give this device a try.

The Penis Prosthetic Cage with G-spot Stimulator is designed with pleasing both partners in mind.  It increases sensation for both partners while providing 2 Inches of extra length and increasing girth.   Stretchy silicone fits any size and the special G-spot tip is for her pleasure! Made to fit most sizes. NOT a form of birth control.

Note: While all of penis supports and enhancers sold by Online Natural Healthcare LLC reduce the chance of penis injury during intercourse, none can prevent or eliminate the possibility completely when excessive force or ill-advised techniques are used during sexual activity. Always use good judgment and reasonable caution while wearing this device. No warranty is expressed or implied.

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