Reversible Sleeve – Inside/Outside ridges and nodules

The Reversible Sleeve – Clear, as a penis extension and support, is made of soft and stretchy TPR material that means that it can fit almost any size man. The bonus of the Reversible Sleeve is that its design features exciting textures on both the inside and the outside; nodules on one side and deep, exciting ridges on the other! As its name implies, this penis extender is reversible, so both can alternatively enjoy the textures! The Reversible Sleeve also has many other uses, one of which being the ability to turn an old vibrator into a new one, through the simple application of the sleeve, with a little lube of course!

The Reversible Sleeve is a multifunctional, exciting marital product that is easy to use and even easier to care for, due in great part to its reversible nature.

  • Noduled and ridged textures
  • Fits most men
  • Soft and stretchy TPR is easy to maintain
  • Can be used to bring new life to an old vibrator
  • 5.5” long x 1.2” wide (14 cm x 3 cm)

The great thing about all of these sex products available on the PDI website, is that the cost is low and the potential benefit to your love life is great. Since all men are anatomically different, and since PD affects all men differently with different kinds and degrees of curvature, it is a good idea to get a few different styles of these supports to learn what works best for you and her.

The product image is confusing.  There is one Reversible Sleeve per unit, not two as shown in the image.

Note: While all of penis supports and enhancers sold by Online Natural Healthcare LLC reduce the chance of penis injury during intercourse, none can prevent or eliminate the possibility completely when excessive force or ill-advised techniques are used during sexual activity. Always use good judgment and reasonable caution while wearing this device. No warranty is expressed or implied.


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