TWO PD Book Bundle -Get 2 Hardcopies

Get both of our popular Peyronies-specific books – “Peyronies Disease Handbook” and “PD & Sex”; two hard copy books – shipped to you.

This is the first book written about using simple measures to reduce the chances of injuring your penis and prolonging or worsening your PD condition. Read about Alternative Medicine therapy principles for Peyronie’s disease treatment by a doctor who cured his own PD problem. Contains practical solutions and tested strategies for many common PD problems using dozens of simple common-sense methods and easy techniques to make life better and your PD more likely to heal. Also presents proven methods of serious exercise, diet and massage for PD to further improve your odds of correcting your own PD. This is a must-have if you are serious about treating your PD. Don’t be a Peyronie’s Disease victim. Take charge of your health and happiness. If you were never given advice about taking care of yourself and your PD, here is a wealth of information that could make your life better in many ways. 174 pages.

This is the best and only book you will find to help yourself with the unique sexual problems of PD. “Peyronie’s Disease & Sex” is the first book ever written about effectively dealing with and improving your sex life in spite of PD. You will have better sex tonight after reading this book today. Learn what you should have been told – but weren’t – on the first day you were told you had PD. 180 pages.


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