Vitamin E: Unique-E (180)

Vitamin E for Peyronie's treatment is a perfect way to follow the recommendation of your doctor to use vitamin E for Peyronie's disease.Unique-E comes to us from one of the oldest and most highly respected of all vitamin E companies, A.C. Grace…

Many consider vitamin E to be the most important nutrient to use in an Alternative Medicine treatment plan, simply because almost all MDs will recommend that their Peyronie’s disease patients should use vitamin E.  Unfortunately, they do not ever tell them how to do it correctly.  PDI provides complete information about the use of Peyronies treatment with vitamin E.

The Unique-E line of vitamin E products is the only product this company manufactures; they do not make any other nutrient or health related product. That is how devoted A.C. Grace is to vitamin E, and they have done so since 1962!  Many consider Unique-E vitamin E to be the best of all organic full-spectrum vitamin E products available anywhere.  Proven quality and integrity in countless research studies and clinical trials.

Unique-E is the only vitamin E product made available by the Peyronie’s Disease Institute and Online Natural Healthcare LLC.

We offer Unique-E vitamin E in the 180 capsule professional size because of the economy of this larger size bottle.

Each 700mg beef softgel capsule contains the highest concentration of the complete Vitamin E tocopherol complex — HIGH-Gamma, HIGH-Alpha, with Beta and Delta isomers — completely void of fillers or additives that can turn rancid. This all-natural, PURE Vitamin E concentrate consists of the natural form of Vitamin E as obtained through the diet and as used by the body.

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