Penis Stretching for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Penis stretcher in Peyronie’s disease treatment


Here is a post that I recently entered on a Peyronie's disease forum in response to a man’s comment that he wore a particular penis traction device for three months and noticed no change in his condition.   This information about this manual therapy that works well with other Peyronie's disease natural treatments found on the PDI website.


Greetings estep32002,


I have read your post about the penis stretching or penis traction device for Peyronies treatment.


Previously, I have written to this forum in the negative about these penis traction devices. I have done so because of repeated communications I receive from men who have Peyronie's disease, who tell me of their lack of success. They tell me of their inability to wear these penis stretcher devices because of built-in design flaws, and their experience of being injured by these stretchers. All that I learn tells me they do not help Peyronie's disease as the sellers say they do.


Actually, I think you are somewhat unusual in your ability to have worn or used one for three months. Men tell me they cannot stand to put one on for longer than a half hour. They say they get bruised and develop sores after a few minutes or a few hours of use.


One fellow recently told me he wore his expensive model for ten minutes and never put it back on again. Another poor guy admitted to me he has three of them sitting in a drawer, and they all hurt him badly. He thought if bought a better and more expensive one, he would eventually find one that he could use. Three stretchers later, no such luck.


If you could wear such a device long enough to actually stretch the soft tissue of the penis, that does not mean the more rigid and more dense tissue of the Peyronies plaque would also stretch. When I was first introduced to the idea of using a penis traction device to treat Peyronie's disease, it did not make sense to me. I figured that the only thing that could eventually happen – if all went well – would be that the penis would be larger, but it would still exhibit the PD plaque with the related curvature that it causes. Let me explain.


Just as a chain breaks at its weakest link, a penis that has a Peyronies plaque in it will primarily stretch from the normal, healthy tissue. The normal tissue will stretch sooner and farther than the plaque material can respond to the stretching force. Think of it this way: A roll of toilet paper tears at the perforations because that is a point of weakness in the paper. Here's another example: Remember when automobile tires had inner tubes? Remember what would happen if you blew it up with air, if it had a weak spot in the rubber wall of the inner tube? Sure. The weak part would bubble up or swell up because it was weaker than the normal strong part. The weaker part would stretch under pressure before the strong part of the rubber had a chance to stretch.


In Peyronie's disease stretching the weaker tissue is the softer normal tissue, while the stronger tissue is the plaque that contains all the dense fibrous materials. When someone with PD stretches his penis, most or all of the lengthening will come from the more flexible and weaker tissue, not the scar tissue. The scar will not be altered because it cannot participate in the stretch, because the traction force is used up by the normal tissue.


When I ask these traction device makers a few simple questions exactly how their penis enlargement products can help Peyronies, I never receive answers back from them. I ask about the pain and tissue erosion created by the pressure that is applied to hold onto the penis head, and again I get no reply. I think this says a lot


There are safer and more effective ways to stretch the penis, to reduce the PD plaque material, than applying a mechanical appliance that smashes down on the glans to hold the penis. Peyronie's disease is a complicated and stubborn problem to treat. I have been personally involved with PD for about seven years now, since having the happy experience of developing a pretty nasty case of it. In that time I have learned a lot and helped many men along the way. My advice is to be very careful with these mechanical penis stretcher products. TRH


What I did not mention in that Peyronie’s disease forum response is that the safer and more effective way to stretch the penis was developed by me while working with 10 men who I knew who were customers of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute. If you are interested in learning about this gentle and effective way to treat your Peyronies, go to Peyronie's penis stretching.


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